4 Most Common Types of Cancer in Women

The most common types of cancer in women aren’t the same as the most common types of cancer in men. So, girls, let’s arm ourselves with some knowledge about what they are and how to avoid them, asap!

1. Breast cancer


Breast cancer affected 26% of all cancer patients in recent years. 15% of all of the people who died of cancer, died of Colon-cancer-2


People who don’t exercise regularly and those that spend a lot of time without moving around are more likely to get colorectal cancers.


If you’re a smoker, it might be worth giving up, as moles-9

People who have family members with melanoma and people who got burnt badly before they reached 18 are more likely to get skin cancer.

Expose yourself to 15 minutes of sun every day. The rest of the time, cover up!