5 Habits That Cause Bone Damage

Knee joint

Bad to the bone? Your daily habits might be! We take our bodies for granted and often don’t consider how our lifestyle choices can cause real bone damage. Most of us aren’t always virtuous. There’s not much fun in it. Occasionally, we all eat too much. We may enjoy a bit of extra tipple or exercise too little. When this sedentary, indulgent lifestyle becomes routine, your body will start to rebel. Aches, pains and problems will appear. Happily, the power to prevent or reverse this trend lies in your hands. We’ll help you along by explaining how to avoid doing lasting damage to your lovely bones.

Habits that lead to bone damage

No bones about it (sorry!): the way you live your life today has a direct bearing on the health of your bones in the future. Specific nutrients and a certain amount of diligence are necessary if your aim is to prevent the deterioration of your skeletal system. Hip fractures and osteoporosis needn’t be absolutes in old age if you’ll just make the effort to clean up your act now. A few dietary alterations here and a modicum of movement there will mean more vitality than you can imagine.

1. Dietary damage

Break the habit

It’s no great secret: Fitness walking

There are few things over which we have no control at all. Work may seem like one of them. However, if yours is a sedentary one, there are things you can do to reduce bone deterioration. If you’re seated for hours at a time, be mindful of your posture. Stop slouching. Sit up straight. Your parents were right after all! You can also take a quick stroll during your lunch break or meet up with a friend for a post-work walk. Ageing is no excuse. It’s never too late to undo some of the damage that years of inactivity have taken. Yes, bones do grow weaker and lose some of their agility. The joints may not be as flexible as they once were, but you can do something about it…starting today! Start small, stick to it and turn bad habits to good ones.