5 Ways to Lose Weight Using Lemon and Ginger

Celebrities seem to guzzle hot water with lemon like it’s going out of fashion. They swear it helps them lose weight and stay healthy, but is it true? Experts say yes, and when it’s combined with ginger, a metabolism-revving remedy, you can bet your bottom you’re on the way to skinnyland.

Losing weight with lemon and ginger is possible

Replacing any sugary, stimulating drink with a healthy one is going to cause weight loss, and you might not even notice it happening! It’s possible to use lemon and ginger as extra weight loss tool for your box of tricks.


5 ways to lose weight with lemon and ginger

1. Warm water with lemon in the morning

Breaking your fast with lemon (and a tiny bit of ginger powder or slice of fresh ginger if you’d like) will give your liver a little detoxifying nudge. This warming drink is perfect for gently getting your body going, ready for a day of high 7-ginger-5