7 Days to Detox Your Liver

Human liver

Your liver works overtime to keep you healthy. How do you repay it? You punish it with alcohol and a poor diet. What if you had 7 days to detox your liver? It’s possible. The liver is really adept at repairing itself – but that’s not an excuse to keep battering it. We’ll show you how you can combine this purification process with some healthy habits that will help your liver to thrive.

Can you tell when your liver needs help?

Watch for these signs that it’s time to detox your liver:

  • Breakfast banana

    Munch brunch

    This liver detox isn’t a diet, so you aren’t counting calories. Your primary objective is to eat foods that strengthen your liver. If you’re hungry before lunch, don’t hesitate to grab a bit of fresh fruit or a handful of nuts to fill you up until your afternoon meal.

    Even if you don’t eat at mid-morning, you do need to drink an infusion made with one of the herbs listed:

    • Boldo (available from health food shops)
    • Milk thistle
    • Dandelion

    Lovely lunch

    Mix it up as you wish by choosing one option from each category listed:

    • Starters: Gazpacho, salad or baked apples
    • Mains: Brown rice, quinoa, whole wheat pasta, millet or a baked potato
    • Complements: Vegetables, grains or plant protein (tempeh, tofu or pulses)

    Feel free to season your meal with a sprinkle of extra virgin olive oil, a pinch of sea salt and a dash of apple cider vinegar. Top off your midday meal a herbal infusions. Choose from those previously mentioned.

    Platter of salad

    Afternoon snack

    Feeling peckish in the afternoon? Munch on one of the suggested ‘brunch’ foods and drink an infusion. It’s your last one of the day!

    Delectable dinner

    Your liver loves a light dinner that’s not taken too late. Just as you need your beauty sleep, the liver has to have ample time to repair itself during the night. It’s easier done when it’s not fighting the digestive system at the same time.

    During your detox week, homemade vegetable soups (blended) are ideal for your evening meal. You can add seaweed, flaxseed oil or wheat germ to boost nutrients. If you’re feeling famished and you think that soup won’t vanquish your hunger, add some rice cakes or seeded crispbread.

    Have a look at this article that has some excellent tips for liver-friendly foods. Here’s to happy health!

    Images courtesy of elle_ann, Foodmayhemcom and diekatrin