7 Foods to Burn Abdominal Fat

Abdominal fat is a problem for many people and this is an area where fat can be difficult to shift. To burn abdominal fat, we should try to eat four small meals a day and include fat-burning foods to speed up the metabolism. Apples are especially good for fat burning, so we could consume one whole apple and a glass of apple juice each day to help eliminate fat from around the abdomen.

Fat can accumulate around the mid-section without us realising. Fat in this area can make clothes feel too tight, cause unsightly bulges and be bad for our health. Thankfully there are a number of foods that work well at burning fat. Here is a guide to lifestyle changes we can make to burn abdominal fat and the best foods to eat to help achieve a trim waist:

Lifestyle changes to burn abdominal fat

Some lifestyle habits can cause a build-up of abdominal fat. A sedentary lifestyle and eating a poor diet both contribute to increased fat deposits. In order to achieve a flat stomach a few sacrifices are necessary. It is important to avoid foods that cause your body to store fat and retain fluid. Another tip is to drink two litres of water every day in addition to natural fruit juices.

Refined flour and processed foods contribute to weight gain, so eliminate these for a flatter stomach. Salt is the culprit when it comes to fluid retention, so eliminate salt for a sleeker waist. One of the most important ways to reduce belly fat is to increase the amount of exercise you do. Simply walking for 30 minutes each day helps your body burn fat.

Although you are trying to reduce fat, it is still important to eat properly, ideally four times each day. Breakfast is very important as it kick-starts the metabolism. Follow this with lunch, a healthy snack and dinner. Space your meals out evenly and never allow yourself to get over-full.

Foods that burn abdominal fat

  1. Apples


Bananas contain around 100 calories each and also give you a high dose of potassium, calcium, magnesium, and vitamins. Eating a banana is like drinking an isotonic sports drink in food-form! These fruits are great for eating once each day. Bananas make an ideal mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack because they fill the stomach and give you a high dose of vitamins.  

  1. Celery

Celery is a refreshing, crunchy salad vegetable that should form part of a fat burning diet. It has plenty of Vitamin C and calcium, both of which help in the quest to lose weight.

  1. Shellfish


Tomatoes are ideal in salads and sauces, make a delicious ingredient in many dishes and provide us with fibre. Tomatoes work to reduce lipid accumulation in the blood, which cleanses the body and helps to burn fat.