Detox Your Pancreas

The pancreas is an essential gland shaped like a leaf, located in the duodenum (in the small intestine). It is essential for your digestion and for producing enzymes that carry out essential functions in the body. If it becomes infected or inflamed, it will be difficult to digest food well. It is worth knowing how to take care of it and also how to adopt a detox (depurative diet) once in a while.

The pancreas is a large gland that’s part of the digestive system. It’s about 15cm (six inches) long, and is located high in the abdomen, behind the stomach, where the ribs meet at the bottom of the breastbone. The pancreas produces:

  • lemon-ginger-drink

    Start your pancreas cleanse by eliminating alcohol, tobacco, and all junk food from your diet. Of course, quitting smoking is always difficult, but the effort is worth it. You will gain years of your life back. Also reduce your consumption of flour, sugar and convenience foods. All of that will make you feel better. Then turn to the medicinal plants to help you achieve a deep cleanse. Here are our top three pancreas-cleansing plants:

    • Ginger tea: reduces inflammation, cleanses your body, is a sedative and a good antioxidant.
    • Relaxing-Bath

      It may surprise you that something as cheap and simple (and pleasant) as a taking a hot shower or bath every day stimulates your digestion and improves the health of your pancreas. It stimulates and activates its functioning. Have a relaxing hot bath before going to bed. It will relax you so that you can fall asleep better and will reactivate the functionality of the pancreas. Then have an invigorating hot shower in the morning as well!

      4. Takes care of your emotions and reduces stress

      It may seem like a cliché but your emotions really can affect your health. Think yourself well! Keep in mind that going through periods of anxiety or stress will make your levels of the cortisol hormone increase, which is very bad for the body. Negative emotions and worries change your basic functions and affect your digestion which increases the risk of your intestines and colon getting inflamed. Irritable bowel syndrome is directly affected by stress. Anxiety can also affect your pancreas which then releases enzymes into your stomach. You should keep all of these factors in mind. Try to relax, seek time for yourself, walk, eat well. Take care of your pancreas and it will take care of you!