Drink Lukewarm Water for Good Health

Bottled water

There’s nothing quite like a glass of ice cold water – or is there? It’s true that we need to drink enough, but lukewarm water is best for good health. You may think that the temperature of your H2O doesn’t matter. Let us explain why it does.

Coming off an intense workout, you may instinctively reach for the nearest source of bracingly cold water. It’s understandable…but not advisable. Here’s why. When your body temperature is running high – especially as a result of playing sports or exercising – gulping (or even sipping) icy water can be a shock to the system. It’s much better for you if you choose lukewarm water so that you don’t risk spasms in the stomach and small intestine. 


Good, clean H2O can play a huge role in the alleviation of illnesses such as rheumatism and arteriosclerosis, amongst a host of other ailments.

Got a Scales

Now that we’ve got your attention: do you know that warm water can be immensely helpful to your weight control effort? Make sure to make a few glasses of warm water a part of your daily routine. Spread them out between meals. They’ll help you to lose or maintain weight by keeping you hydrated and imparting a feeling of satisfaction that will keep your hunger at bay. Combine it with other healthy habits – namely, exercise and nutrient dense foods – so that you’re not tempted to go on harmful fad diets.

Perfect pH

Regular consumption of lukewarm water is fabulous for balancing your body’s pH. It naturally and safely reduces acidity levels. You’ll look and feel more vibrant, energetic and gorgeous!


Your body is 80% water. Dehydration is your enemy and can lead to all sorts of health niggles. Imbalance occurs when you don’t drink enough pure, warm water. Treat yourself to several glasses a day. In fact, you can drink up to 2 litres and reap the rewards of this wholesome habit. You’ll soon see the health benefits of your wise decision.

Convinced? It’s our sincere hope that you’ll heed our advice and practice what we’ve preached. Make the most of all the healing and detoxifying properties of this precious resource. We truly couldn’t survive without it.