Hairstyles Influence Hair Health

The style you choose to wear your hair in affects the health of your hair in some interesting and important ways. Many people do not realise the effect they are having on their hair when they choose to style it with hair dryers, straighteners, curling tongs, use hair spray, gel or mousse, or wear their hair in a ponytail or plait. This article will explore the different ways your style can affect your hair’s health and how you can improve the state of your hair by choosing certain styles over others.

Hair health

Your hair is always growing from the scalp and it needs nourishment to be strong and healthy, just like the rest of your body. When you use hair styling products on your hair it can weigh it down, causing it to become more brittle, coarse and dry, while it can also look lifeless with split ends and a lack of shine. Heated styling aids such as hair dryers and straightening irons all add to the damage by breaking the fibres in the hair down causing further dullness.

Using even small styling aids such as clips, combs and pins also causes damage to the hair shaft, breaking fibres and creating a rough texture with broken ends. Hair is especially fragile when it is wet with many people brushing their hair straight out of the shower causing hair to be pulled out of the head because it is so weak.

How to protect your hair


When you style your hair in a ponytail the hair must be gripped strongly at the base in order to keep the strands together. Keeping your hair styled in the same place all day can cause the hair to become stiff and brittle, while forcing the hair into the same shapes and styles every day in the long term can even cause hair to fall out.

Simple tips for hair care

Keep your hair trimmed regularly to remove split ends and keep it in good condition. You should wash hair at least twice a week to remove dirt and grime and any build-up of styling products. It is always best to use a gentle shampoo and Hair-colour

Many women style their hair straight with straighteners but those who choose to leave their hair wavy or curly are seen as more approachable and friendly in personality. Totally straight hair can appear more aloof and serious, while finger-combed hair that has more movement is seen as more relaxed and fun.