Natural Remedies for Acne Scars

Natural remedies for facial acne

We all suffered from uncomfortable, annoying acne to some degre during our teenage years. Often, it’s related to hormonal changes and really affects the way our faces look.  But it’s equally unpleasant to reach maturity and be left with unsightly marks that show the permanent damage to our skin. These marks are left behind by the inflammatory process and show where the skin couldn’t heal properly.

To understand a bit more about acne scars and what causes them, it’s important to understand that spots form in the sebaceous glands of the skin. Oil and bacteria can accumulate in these glands, causing a blockage and inflammation. This process tends to primarily affect the face and back. Acne can either produce whiteheads or blackheads and can be mild or serious. The worst cases involve painful, pus-filled cysts, which form underneath the outermost layers of the skin.

These are the nodules that are most likely to leave scars. Squeezing, scratching and picking at these areas can spread the infection, causing uncomfortable, painful looking marks on your skin.

The different types of acne scars

Discolouration: Marks may be left behind, even when the spot or blackhead has disappeared.  These marks are normally pink or brown.  This pigmentation can make the skin look uneven and can take a long time to fade.


Pitting or indentation: When acne is sore and filled with pus, it causes damage to the skin. This hollowing effect is caused by attempts to squeeze spots rather than allowing them to heal naturally.

Natural remedies for acne scars

If you suffer from acne scarring, don’t despair. There are several natural remedies available. All of them contain natural substances that are commonly found in creams for these conditions – creams that are normally quite expensive. Bear in mind, though, that the results are not immediate. Have patience, be consistent and apply an appropriate amount each day, especially at night. In time, the uncomfortable scarring caused by acne will begin to disappear.

Aloe vera: The leaves of this plant contain a healing gel that has amazing regenerative properties.  Aloe vera is renowned for its benefits for the skin – most notably for its ability to heal, diminish stretch marks and make burns and acne scars fade away. Usually, applying a teaspoon of the gel to your scars is enough.  Let it sit on the skin for half a hour, then gently wash it off with warm water.


Vitamin E: Indispensable in caring for our skin, this vitamin should definitely be in your bag of tricks. Interested in exploring its virtues? Find it at chemists or health food shops. Vitamin E is perfect for combating premature wrinkling, toning the skin and rejuvenating the skin to  luminous health. With consistent, daily application, scars on the skin will disappear gradually through gentle massage. Vitamin E is your best ally in the fight against acne scars.