Problems From Not Drinking Enough Water

In order for the digestive system to function normally, to be carried from one place to another within our lovely bodies, and for it to be broken down well, we need to have enough water inside us! Water is also in every cell in our body, and affects how well each one functions. Water is important! Let’s look at how a lack of water can cause us health problems.

The importance of water in digestion

Water acts like a river in our digestive system, washing our food down our oesophagus with the help of liquid saliva, in our stomachs in the form of gastric juices, in our intestines in the form of bile, and so on. Without all these helpful, water-based digestive juices, nothing can be broken down at all, and things start to screech to a stop!

Benefits of drinking water to prevent diseases

Dehydration is also a causative factor when it comes to a wide range of diseases. If your body is taking water from your agua-300x205-4

Back pain

Some experts say that back pain is caused by dehydration alone. Dehydration certainly affects all the little disks inside our spine. Water provides the cushioning between each one. When we lie down during the night, our disks slowly rehydrate. What does this mean for people that suffer from agua-2-300x224-3


Staying hydrated is a habit that isn’t too difficult to get into, but it takes a little time to learn a new good habit, so be patient with yourself. Simply try hydrating with at least 500ml of water first thing in the morning, a good amount 30 minutes before meals, and plenty of sips during the day. Don’t drink large quantities of water while you’re eating or after meals.