How to Treat Sciatica and Lower Back Pain

Sciatica and lower back pain can be really debilitating and scary when they come on suddenly and we don’t know how to treat them. If you think you might have either one of these, you may have seen a health professional and been given anti-inflammatories or other drugs. There are other solutions, however.

Sciatica: what you need to know

Sciatica occurs when the sciatic nerve gets irritated or compressed in the lumbar spine area or the buttock.

The sciatic nerve

The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the body and runs from the lower back’s third joint space, down through the buttock and the back of the leg. It branches off in each leg and supplies the entire lower limb.

Sciatica can involve a wide range of different symptoms, including tingling, numbness or weakness in one or both spine-6

How can I treat sciatica and lower back pain?


Before treating sciatica and lower back pain, it’s very useful to know what the underlying cause is. If you have slipped a disc or have been diagnosed with a condition like degenerative disc disease, you should consult your health professional before starting any Yoga-4

Stay active

Strengthening exercises and low impact aerobic exercises are also recommended for people with back problems, but the key is to stay active. Bed rest was recommended for years, but long-term bed rest won’t help you keep all the necessary structures strong enough to keep back issues at bay.

Apply heat

Heat is soothing and relaxes tight muscles. It also speeds up healing. Apply a hot compress or “wheat” or gel pack to the entire lower back and hip area, and you’ll feel real relief!