10 Cleansing Infusions for Your Body

10 Cleansing Infusions for Your Body

Last update: 21 July, 2015

Everyday toxins build up in our systems even when we lead healthy lives. When they take their toll, you need a reset. Why not try some cleansing infusions? They can help clear away some of the damage created by modern life.

It’s almost impossible to avoid contaminants, so the best you can do is develop a line of defence against them. Exogenous toxins are those that enter your body as you breathe, as well as through the pores and the digestive tract. On the other hand, endogenous toxins are produced inside your body. They may take the form of intestinal bacteria, free radicals and parasites. Some of these toxins attack because the immune system is depressed through stress or anxiety.

For optimal health, these issues need to be attacked headlong. Your body is responsible for eradicating them, but we occasionally need to help it do so. When you’re dealing with excess toxins, you may feel significantly more stressed, tired and prone to allergic reaction. Happily, the plant kingdom is available to assist you. Come and discover ten plants that you can use in safe and effective infusions for cleansing the body.

Multitalented mistletoe

It’s not just for kissing at Christmas. Mistletoe is deeply purifying. It can eliminate toxins – in part, by increasing urine production. For the infusion, boil one litre of water and add two leaves of mistletoe. Once simmered, pour it through a strainer and let it steep before drinking it. Add a teaspoon of agave if you find it too bitter.

Hearty artichoke


The amazing artichoke has it all. It’s lovely to behold, tastes delicious and assists kidney processes and digestive functions. For purification, it’s one of the best plants you can introduce to your diet. This is why it’s highly recommended for weight loss. Diabetics can also benefit from artichoke. It contains inulin rather than starch. As it also reduces excess blood sugar, it eases hypoglycaemia.

It’s easy to make this cleansing infusion. Just add 3 artichoke leaves to a a cup of water and boil them together for a few minutes. Remove the leaves (or strain the liquid). Let it cool slightly and sip it. You can enjoy this drink daily. You’ll soon see the benefits!

Gorgeous green tea

Where do we begin with green tea? Its healthy properties are resoundingly lauded and seemingly without end. One of its most famous uses is as a diuretic, but it’s also peerless in reducing cholesterol levels. Add 3 leaves (or one bag) to a cup of boiled water. Leave it to steep for a few minutes, then drink it. You can safely allow yourself a few cups a day.

Befriend blueberries

Berry juice

There’s mounting evidence to corroborate blueberry’s reputation as a superfood. As an infusion, it’s a formidable foe against fluid retention. This is good news if you’re someone who suffers frequent urinary tract infections such as cystitis. Blueberry leaves can be added to boiling water and drunk as a tea for easing symptoms. Alternatively, whizz blueberries with cold water for a refreshing remedy.

Get grapefruit

An infusion of this sparkling citrus fruit is perfect for controlling your appetite and stimulating your digestion. This explains why its name is nearly synonymous with weight loss. Boil a few slices of a grapefruit in water. Remove the wedges and sip the resulting liquid.

Tea thyme

Tea thyme

Thyme is on your side. It cleanses the body and improves digestion. Suffer severe menstrual cramps? Take some thyme. Studies suggest that it can be an effective ally in the battle of the bulge. It’s said to reduce cellulite. Put a spoonful of this dried herb in a cup of boiling water. Steep for a few minutes and drink whilst it’s still warm.

Feeling fine with fennel

Along with its fabulous flavour, fennel does wonders for your kidneys. It’s highly cleansing and acts as a potent diuretic. Boil both the stalks and the leaves in water. Let it steep for a bit, then pour it through a strainer and relax as you sip it.

Dandelion’s dandy


From the French ‘dent-de-lion’ (lion’s tooth), dandelion really has teeth when it comes to purifying the liver. This lovely flowering plant accelerates digestion, too. To a cup of boiling water, add a tablespoon of dandelion. Leave it to rest for a few minutes. Strain before drinking.

Partial to parsley

Who doesn’t love parsley? It’s such a versatile herb that it really shouldn’t be relegated to the sidelines as a garnish. As an addition to salads – especially tabbouleh – it’s indispensable. On the health front, parsley accelerates the elimination of excess liquid. This, of course, means that it helps to escort toxins from your body. To a litre of water, add two tablespoons of leaves. Simmer for five minutes, then strain. You can safely sip this tea throughout the day.

Sold on celery

Drink celery

As a cleansing infusion, celery is unbeatable at eliminating toxins and impurities. As a result, it aids weight loss and gently cleanses the liver. Wash a few stalks and add them to litre of water. Boil, then let the liquid steep for a few minutes. Enjoy this drink as often as you like throughout the day.

Last notes…

One of the things that makes these infusions so great is the wide availability of their ingredients. You can find most of these plants in large supermarkets. Another boon is that – because they’re so adept at eliminating toxins – they’re all pretty helpful if you’re trying to lose weight. Of course, they’re not miracle workers. You should make sure that the rest of your diet is generally quite healthy and nutrient-dense.  Please, note: if you are pregnant, avoid these drinks unless you’ve consulted your GP. Also, although you can drink most of them as often as you wish, be careful not abuse of them. In excess, they can produce a laxative effect.