10 Foods That Are Kind to Kidneys

10 Foods That Are Kind to Kidneys

Last update: 27 July, 2015

Do you thank your kidneys for the hard work they do? Without them, your body would be a toxic spoil tip. Nourish them with foods that are kind to kidneys. As two of the most important organs in your body, they deserve to be more than an afterthought. It’s with this in mind that we offer you the inside scoop on how to protect them with nutrition.

Mainly, it’s your lifestyle that determines the health of your kidneys. Rich foods and frequent indulgence in alcohol will soon take their toll. Weakened kidneys often result in more serious conditions, so it’s vital to develop healthy habits. The right foods can make all the difference to how efficiently they function.

Happily, there are certain foods that improve kidney health. Ours is by no means an exhaustive list, but it will give you a great starting point. Introduce these foods to your diet and you’ll strengthen and nurture these life-giving organs.

Eat all the beets

Beetroot is both detoxifying and diuretic, so they’re perfect for promoting robust kidney function. Potassium is one of beetroot’s key elements. It’s adept at cleansing your kidneys, liver and gallbladder. 

Juicing them is an easy way to benefit from beetroot. They’re lovely when paired with apples and ginger. For an elegant salad, grate them with a few carrots and dress with lemon juice, a dash of sea salt and some coarse black pepper. Gorgeous!

Blueberries are brill

Big blueberries

To detoxify the kidneys and cleanse the bladder, blueberries are unparalleled. Because they discourage bacteria, they improve kidney function and prevent infection.

If you’re really serious about augmenting the benefits, drink blueberry juice on an empty stomach.

Whole grains are your holy grail

There’s no better source of natural fibre than whole grains. When you eat them, you’re helping to eliminate toxins and waste. Grains are also proficient at preventing fluid retention, and this helps to cleanse your kidneys.

Solid gold celery

Fresh celery

You’d be forgiven for dismissing celery as crunchy water, but do reconsider. It contains an enviable vitamins and mineral profile. In its green and fibrous depths, you’ll find alpha-tocopherol (also known as vitamin E), beta-carotene (vitamin A), vitamin C,  and folate. Its mineral content combined with its diuretic properties make celery hard to beat if you seek a natural cleanser and detoxifier for the kidneys. You can juice it, add it to soups and salads or enjoy the nostalgic way: with peanut butter and raisins.

Onions? Oh, yes!

You wanted antioxidants and onions got ’em. They’re rich in flavonoids – particularly quercetin, which promotes organ health. Onions are stars at regulating the metabolism. They eradicate toxins and banish waste products from the body.

So very strawberry

Big strawberries

You probably don’t need an excuse to eat more strawberries, but will give you the science behind them. They’re little powerhouses when it comes to antioxidants. These, of course, protect cell structure and prevent damage caused by oxidation. When you put strawberries on the menu, your kidneys rejoice. Why? Because these fabulous fruits prevent inflammation and help to cleanse the bloodstream.

What about watermelon?

Watermelon is another one of those underrated foods. We think of it as glorified – and tasty – water. It’s so much more, though, and should be recognised as such. Your kidneys will love having it as an ally against urinary tract infections. You can enjoy it whenever you please, too. 100 grams of watermelon provides you with 20 meagre calories! Potassium and magnesium are abundant in this juicy gem. They’ll help your kidneys fight cystitis, fluid retention, kidney stones and urinary tract infections.

Pining for pineapple


Pineapples are powerful diuretics, so they make the kidneys’ job much easier. Loaded with vitamin C, potassium, and bromelain enzymes, this spiny wonder helps fight infections. They’re also renowned for reducing inflammation, aiding digestive transit and protecting against the risk of developing kidney stones.

Potent potatoes

Apart from how delicious they are in every way, how much do you know about potatoes? Bet you don’t think of them as a superfood. Time to reconsider that stance. You’ll find vitamins and minerals aplenty in the humble spud – all of which prevent or treat kidney stones. Not only are they a great source of starch, but they’re also replete with potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin C and B vitamins – all of which in harmony to strengthen and cleanse this important organ.

Potatoes are best eaten boiled (well washed, but with skins intact) if you want them cooked. You can also make a drink with the peels. Provided they’ve been thoroughly washed, you can eat them raw.

Watercress will impress



Here’s another misunderstood foodstuff. The common misconception is that watercress is nutritionally underwhelming. In fact, it has splendid diuretic abilities that are perfect for cleansing your kidneys. Just look at how green it is. You know that colour tells you how healthy it is. This plant prevents and protects from the formation of kidneys and gall stones. Watercress also detoxifies and fights fluid retention.

You can enjoy watercress freshly juiced or add it to salads and sandwiches.

There you have it: 10 delicious ways to keep your kidneys keen. Combine them with an active lifestyle and a diet of whole foods and you’re sure to be in rude health for years to come!