10 Home Remedies for Treating Warts

10 Home Remedies for Treating Warts

Last update: 18 July, 2015

Warts are not only unattractive, but are also extremely bothersome, and can develop into clusters if not treated properly. The most common types of warts are caused by the human papillomavirus and are part of the HPV family. There are over a 100 different strands of the HPV virus, and throughout a person’s lifetime, it is very likely to come in contact with the virus. The virus can spread through inanimate objects such as towels and doorknobs. It can also be passed through shaking hands or touching someone who is infected with the HPV virus. Although the virus is very easy to catch, it is not as nearly as easy to treat. If you have recently come in contact with the HPV virus and are experiencing an outbreak on your fingers, hands or feet, below are 10 natural remedies to help treat your virus.

First, preventative measures

Whether you have or have not come in contact with the HPV virus, it is important to be cautious in your everyday life to prevent acquiring or spreading the virus. One of the best things you can do is wash your hands thoroughly at various points during the day. Since the HPV virus is primarily spread between direct skin to skin contact it is important to be conscious of your hand washing. If you work in a public space, such as a gym or spa, make sure you are always wearing protective footwear as damp places are a breeding ground for the HPV virus.

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Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is the superman when it comes to naturally treating and getting rid of unsightly warts. Apple cider vinegar attacks the wart from the root with its high acidity content and allows the wart to peel off naturally on its own. Apple cider vinegar actually has the cleansing properties to get rid of the wart forever. To use, soak a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar into a cotton ball and apply directly onto infected skin. Cover up with a band aid and let sit overnight.

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Banana peel

That sticky residue that appears inside the skin of a banana peel could actually be the miracle remedy that takes away your warts forever. To use, scrape the inside of a banana peel and apply directly to your wart until it disappears.

Vitamin C

The powers of vitamin C can actually help to destroy warts and the spread of the HPV virus to other parts of the body. To use, grind up a vitamin c tablet and mix with water to create a paste. Apply paste directly to the wart and cover with a band aid overnight.

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Honey contains natural antiviral and antibacterial properties that will stop warts in their tracks. It is best to invest in a jar of organic locally sourced honey to achieve optimal results. To us, just lather on honey directly to wart and cover up with a band aid. You should feel a tingling sensation; this is how you know it is working its magic.


There is not a whole lot of scientific evidence behind using a potato to clear your warts, but people have been using potatoes through centuries to treat wart infections. To use, slice one large potato and apply to your skin at least three times a day.

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Duct tape

Good old duct tape may just do the trick when it comes to removing stubborn warts from your fingers, feet, or toes. To use, just cover your wart(s) with a slab of duct tape and leave on for six days, yes six days. When your remove the ductape soak the area with warm water. You should start to notice that your wart has started to reduce in size. Repeat the process until the wart has completely disappeared.

Freshly peeled garlic

Garlic contains many antibacterial and antiviral properties that can help to eliminate warts on the spot. To use, thinly slice a clove of garlic and apply directly to the skin and cover with a plaster. To avoid the sting of the garlic try applying vaseline on the skin before applying the garlic clove. Apply a new clove of garlic everyday until the wart either disappears or begins to peel off naturally.