10 Reasons to Drink Water on an Empty Stomach

10 Reasons to Drink Water on an Empty Stomach

Last update: 03 July, 2015

It’s common knowledge that the human body is up to 90% water. This is why you must stay well hydrated – and it’s best to drink water on an empty stomach. Your body needs to maintain its moisture levels so that it can do the important work of protect you from disease. In order to take full advantage of water’s health benefits, it’s best to sip 1-4 glasses on an empty stomach. It may sound odd, but there are good reasons for this recommendation. Let us explain…

10 good reasons to drink water on an empty stomach

Water is essential for all kinds of life. The planet relies on it and so do you! It really is the only liquid you can’t do without – and your good health depends upon it. Your organs need water to function. Thankfully, it’s easy to give them what they need.

Bottled water

  1. Don’t reach for coffee or tea as soon as you roll out of bed in the morning. Drink water first! 1 or 2 glasses before breakfast helps to scour toxins and other waste products from your body. This is how water is vital in disease prevention. It also boosts metabolism, so it’s a brilliant start to the day.
  2. It’s at night that your body gets to work on ‘cleaning house’ and repairing cells. You can help it along by drinking a glass of water before bed (preferably on a fairly empty stomach). When you do this, you’ll encourage the elimination of waste through urine. 
  3. You can minimise the detrimental effects of alcohol, tobacco, pollution and poor diet by drinking a couple of glasses of water before meals. If you’re on a night out, it’s always good to alternate. Counteract every alcoholic beverage with a glass of water.
  4. Clean, clear water is a boon for overall health and for your skin, in particular. Drink plenty in the morning before breakfast and you’ll be encouraging your skin to hold on to its elasticity and tone. This can prevent premature wrinkles.
  5. Make a habit of a drinking a couple of glasses of water in the morning and feel smug about how you’re protecting your organs’ vital functions.
  6. Water is a strong ally in the battle against excess weight. If you make sure to drink 2-3 glasses before meals, you’ll assist in the burning of fat and calories as well as in the elimination of toxins. It’s also an excellent way to satisfy hunger pangs. After all, insufficient hydration is often the reason that you think you’re hungry.
  7. The lymphatic system is another part of the human body that can benefit greatly from good hydration. When you make it your morning drink, you’ll promote healthy intestinal transit, control cortisol and defends against infection.
  8. A cool couple of glasses of warm water in the morning will kick-start your day and inject you with real energy – the kind that coffee can’t give you. When you hydrate your body in the morning, you throw off fatigue.
  9. If you suffer frequent constipation, make water your pre-breakfast elixir. It’s great for stimulating the bowel.
  10. Nobody wants gastritis, but it can attack those with even the healthiest habits. Befriend water. If you sip a litre on an empty stomach, you’ll reduce acid levels in the gut and alleviate the cramps that lead to gastritis.

For best results, drink water in the morning

Refreshing water

Have our arguments managed to convince you to get more water in your life? It really is one of the easiest things you can do to look after your health. One caveat: try to sip your water without gulping it down. You don’t have to get your daily requirement against the clock. It’s not Countdown! If you drink too quickly, you’ll allow air in and this could cause discomfort. Don’t worry. You’ll get all the great benefits if you have a glass or two before breakfast and then calmly sip from a litre bottle throughout the day. Take account of the following tips for drinking water on an empty stomach:

  • If your aim is to consume two litres (or 4 glasses) of water daily, divide it into several portions. Start your day with a glass or two, then wait a few hours and drink another glass before your next meal.
  • As water becomes a regular fixture in your life, you can gradually increase the amount you’re drinking. Start off small and work your way up. Eventually, you should be able to safely manage 2-3 glasses on an empty stomach.
  • Choose high-quality water. If your local tap water isn’t up to scratch, buy a filter jug or a special, portable bottle with a filtration system. Try to avoid bottled water. It’s not great for the environment and the jury is out as to whether or not it’s any better for you than filtered.
  • Interested in even bigger health benefits? Add lemon juice to your morning water. It’s an excellent way to balance your body’s pH levels and purify your system.