10 Reasons to Take a Cold Shower

10 Reasons to Take a Cold Shower

Last update: 12 July, 2015

Water is the thing that keeps the world alive. It’s vitally important to the human body, both inside and outside. Drinking water to keep yourself hydrated is the most important thing you can do for your body, but did you know drinking water also keeps your skin healthy, and aids your body in carrying out its necessary functions? Something you might not know, though, is that external contact with water has lots of health benefits, just like consumption!

Showering is something most people do every day, usually with warmer or hot water because it’s relaxing and warming on cold winter mornings. However, cold water has many proven benefits for your skin and natural bodily functions, meaning that cold showers are more highly recommended than warm ones! Read on to discover more surprisingly health benefits of a cold shower.

Cold water stimulates your immune system

Cold showers garner an immediate reaction from your body, stimulating your immune system and making it stronger. Your body will respond more strongly to fighting infections and viruses as a result of this.

Healthy-looking skin


Cold showers help your skin restrain its elasticity and firmness, whereas hot water can cause the skin to dry out and cause wrinkles to appear prematurely. Keeping skin healthy is one of the main ways we see cold showers can benefit you from the inside out.

It improves circulation

Cold water is an extremely effective therapy for those with circulation issues, this is because it aids blood circulation, and helps oxygen and nutrients spread throughout the body best.

Helps prevent varicose veins


Cold water’s ability to help improve circulation also helps prevent varicose veins appearing, and reduces those that are already present in the skin. Cold water also aids vascular constriction.

Decongestant to internal organs

Because cold showers cause vascular constriction, taking one can aid in decongesting internal organs. This is because it helps the impurities and toxins within the body be released after flowing towards the pores.

Helps to ease stress


Taking a cold shower can help in reducing stress and anxiety that you feel in day to day life. However, try not to do it too often when you are feeling stressed, as occasionally it can have the opposite effect.

Helps to wake your body up

There’s nothing better than a cold shower in the morning to wake your body up. It helps stimulate your body and wake your system up, ready for the day ahead. Taking a cool water bath in the morning is a great way to start your day and help rid your body of fatigueIt’s also a great idea to take a shower after exercising in the morning to refresh your muscles.

Has a positive diuretic effect

Cold water has a diuretic effect on your body and can help improve your body’s depurative qualities to help avoid the formation of fat clumps within your body.

Aids your fight with depression


The University of Virginia conducted a study which proved that cold showers stimulate the part of your brain which helps you feel happy, and fights the feelings of depression.

Helps keep your hair healthy

Cold water helps prevent dryness in your hair follicles. Showering in hot water can remove the moisture from your hair and promotes a lack of health in your tresses, as well as it looking bad aesthetically. Cold water is a great way to help prevent hair loss and dandruff in your hair.

Our recommendations for taking cold showers

If you’re not used to cold showers, it might be a bit of a shock to the system the first time, but it’s a great habit to adopt! In order to take advantage of cold shower benefits, you can put using cold water into practice day to day. Here’s a few tips on how to incorporate cold showers into your routine:

  • Lower the temperature of your shower gradually. Get used to the warm water first, and then make it cooler.
  • We recommend taking cold showers in winter, too, but if you get too cold, or find yourself shivering, then use warm water instead.