15 Key Ways to Stick to That Diet!

15 Key Ways to Stick to That Diet!

Last update: 10 April, 2015

Here are our 15 key ways to stick to that diet! How many times have you started a diet with the best of intentions only to find that a few days later you have slipped back to your old ways? If this is a familiar scenario for you – here are the best ways to keep to that diet!

Tip one

Never, ever, ever skip breakfast! If your diet recommends that you should skip breakfast – find a new one because it’s not a great diet! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day – it should be healthy and nutritious and must keep the hunger pangs at bay until lunch time.

Tip two


Swap snacks and sweets containing loads of refined sugar for fresh fruit. Fruit is convenient to carry around with you, fills you up and contains all the vitamins and minerals you need. Avoid that unhealthy sugar rush!

Tip three

Eat all meals from a small plate – it gives the illusion that you are eating a lot and you will feel more satisfied than when you eat food from the center of a huge plate.

Tip four

Create plenty of leptin – this is a hormone that makes us feel general satisfied and less likely to seek that satisfaction from unhealthy food. Get at least 8 hours a night to feel great.

Tip five

weight-loss scales

Hop on and off the scales on a regular basis. Congratulate yourself when you have shed a bit of weight and use it as your motivation to keep going.

Tip six

Don’t expect to hit your ideal weight in a week just because your best friend has! We all have different metabolisms and lose weight at different rates. Focus on your own journey to the ideal weight and do not get disheartened.

Tip seven

Banish unhealthy snacks from your house. When you open your cupboard you should find only healthy food there.

Tip eight


Drink plenty of water for great skin and general good health. It will help to keep you feeling full and reduce the cravings as well.

Tip nine

Swap white bread for the wholemeal variety and do the same for crackers, pasta and rice. These version are less refined and will hang around in your belly longer and make you feel full. They are also great for making you go to the toilet and preventing constipation.

Tip ten

Healthy food does not have to be bland food – spice it up with your favorite herbs or spices or even try some new ones. Find some unique and different ways to serve salad, vegetables and fruit. Get out those healthy recipe books from the back of your shelf or surf the web – there are thousands of recipes available.

Tip eleven

Don’t worry about eating the traditional foods that you love – if they contain wholegrains, a healthy dose of good fibre, which will improve digestion, they’ll reduce cholesterol and prevent constipation.

Tip twelve


Get the whole family involved. Perhaps they should not adopt the same strict calorie intake that you are adhering to – in fact this would be dangerous for young children. However, they would certainly benefit from the assortment of healthy snacks that you have stocked up on. Healthy, nutritious meals can be enjoyed by everyone – get your kids onto a healthy diet when they are young and they will thank you when they’re older!

Tip thirteen

Make the most of the new slim you and you will not want to lose your great new look. Buy some new clothes that suit your new slimline shape and show off your great new figure. Get a new hairstyle and take a trip to the beauty therapists for a facial and wax. You want to be able to show off all your hard work to the greatest effect.

Tip fourteen

Heavy alcohol consumption does not fit into a low calorie diet because alcohol is packed with calories. You don’t have to give it up all together but it sense to cut down.

Tip fifteen

Familie aus Knete

Get your friends on your side. Ask them to not force you to drink that extra pint of beer or chocolate cake when you really shouldn’t indulge! Let them know how much this diet means to you and they will help rather than hinder your efforts!