2 Minutes of Meditation for Better Health

2 Minutes of Meditation for Better Health

Last update: 07 May, 2015

The mind is a powerful tool when it comes to our physical and emotional health. Many illnesses are created through the thoughts we think and preventions and cures can also be related to mental issues. It has been proven that people who have a positive outlook and a hopeful attitude are more successful at fighting off disease than those who are always negative in their outlook.

Meditation is an ancient remedy for all kinds of illnesses and can also be used as a day to day way of living, helping us to become calm and more peaceful. Meditation can be used as a method of creating a ‘mindful’ response to the world, becoming aware of our surroundings and focusing on the positives of life as opposed to the negatives. Becoming mindful involves noticing the everyday aspects of life and taking joy in small things. If we are mindful while eating, for example, it encourages us to enjoy each bite of food and appreciate the taste and texture of each mouthful.

Meditation to boost immunity

Meditation for just two minutes each day can make a powerful difference to our lives. This mental exercise can enable us to be more thoughtful and aware and generally happier. Meditation helps us forget about our problems and connects the meditator with their inner self, creating a sense of peace and harmony.

Stressed bodies are more prone to disease because the immune system is weakened, so meditation is a good way of combating this stress and creating a sense of inner calm. In turn, this mental relaxation helps the body to relax and the immune system is strengthened and better able to fight disease.

Breathing exercises


Controlling the breath is an important part of meditation. It is important to breathe slowly and deeply to ensure sufficient oxygen enters the lungs and gets drawn into the bloodstream. Throughout the day, without noticing it, our breathing can become shallow and irregular. This causes a lack of oxygen in the blood and we can become tired and more prone to stress. By focusing on our breathing, we can get more oxygen into the body and energise ourselves. This also helps to slow down the heart beat and our bodies relax.

Inner peace

Meditation not only relaxes the body and mind, strengthening the immune system and helping us fight disease, it also enables us to reach a greater sense of self. This means we become aware of our own deep desires and needs in a way that is more true to ourselves than when living day to day lives which are fast-paced and lack focus.

By meditating we can focus on why we feel like we do. If we are sad, depressed or stressed, it can be easy to live with those feelings without knowing why we feel that way. By meditating we can search our hearts for the reasons why we feel dissatisfied. This can then lead us to taking more meaningful actions and reach a greater sense of happiness and contentment. We often live our lives to please other people, forgetting what it is we really want. Meditating helps us focus on our true needs.

How to meditate

The way you choose to meditate is entirely up to you. Find a quiet space free from distractions and sit comfortably for a couple of minutes. It is better to sit rather than lie down as the aim is to focus deeply, not simply fall asleep, and falling asleep is all too easy. Try to free your mind of daily concerns and focus on how you feel. Focusing on your breathing helps relax the mind and concentrate on one aspect of yourself: your breath. By narrowing your focus you can feel more centred and able to get into a meditative frame of mind.

Meditation becomes easier with practice and it can be hard to free the mind of dreams, memories and daily concerns. Try to focus on your breathing and the feeling of peacefulness that comes from stopping that worry for two minutes per day. Increase the length of time you meditate slowly over time. This regular two minutes will give you a more objective outlook and realistic perspective of your day to day life, strengthening your mind and your body.