3 Healthy Smoothies for Weight Loss

3 Healthy Smoothies for Weight Loss

Last update: 03 July, 2015

Losing weight is great but does it have to involve boring food and feeling hungry all the time? No it does not! You just have to take care of your nutrition and make sure it is balanced with vitamins, proteins, fibre and the necessary minerals to supply your daily needs. Diets can be delicious. Natural juices and healthy smoothies are a great way to combine various foods that little by little will help you burn fat. Here are our favourite three recipes for delicious and healthy smoothies.

Healthy smoothies for losing weight

1. Pineapple and aloe vera smoothie


This is one of the most popular weight loss smoothies. Anything with pineapple in it has got to be good news: it is laxative, diuretic and disinfectant which is packed with antioxidants. When combined with the amazing properties of aloe vera you have the ultimate hydrating, purifying and detoxifying drink. It cares for your digestive and intestinal system by eliminating toxins, excess fat, and detoxifies.

How to drink it

Follow this diet for five days in a row twice a month to eliminate toxins and harmful fats. During the five days, you should eat a balanced diet that includes lots of salads, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. Before your two main meals (lunch and dinner), drink a glass of the smoothie. 

How do you make it?

Cut off a thick leaf of aloe vera and remove the thorns. Open it and keep the clear, juicy part from the middle. Place it in the blender and add half a glass of pineapple juice. You could add lemon or apple juice as well.

2. Super green smoothie


Don’t let the colour put you off!  It will be green, but it’s a delicious, healthy drink and a great calorie and fat burner. This amazing smoothie has parsley, lemon, celery, spinach, ginger, cucumber, and apple. These are elements packed with vitamin C, B6, fibre, folic acid, omega-3 and antioxidants. You have to try it!

You should drink it ten days in a row for breakfast and then rest for 20 days. Very easy.

How to drink it

Make it ten days in a row for breakfast and then rest for 20 days. It’s that simple!

How do you make it?

Just wash all of the ingredients (three pieces of parsley, a celery stalk, 3 spinach leaves, half a cucumber and 1 seedless, unpeeled apple) and add to a blender with a teaspoon of grated ginger and lemon juice. Blend well. If you add half a glass of fresh water it will be less gloopy! And it’s delicious! You will start the day with a lot of energy and without the need to snack between meals. After ten days, you will have burned the unnecessary fats and cleansed your body. But remember, you have to stay away from food high in fat, sweets, refined flours, and sugary beverages for the whole ten day period.

3. Sweet grapefruit and pear smoothie


We all know the great health benefits of pears but they can also help with weight loss. They have lots of fibre, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and hardly any calories. If you also add grapefruit to it, this shake is an excellent drink for burning fat.

How to drink it

Drink this delicious smoothie for breakfast for ten days. Just like the green smoothie above, you should also rest for 20 days and then start again. You will soon see how effective it is for you. 

How do you make it?

Simply get a medium sized pear and chop it up. You do not have to peel it. Then, get the juice from a grapefruit and place it all in a blender. It is important that you blend them well so that the pear releases all of its juices and flavour. You can add half a glass of fresh water if you want it to go further. Drink it for breakfast.

You can drink any of the three smoothies in this article, according to your preferences or what ingredients you can get hold of. Remember to be consistent and accompany these juices with a balanced, varied, low fat diet and some exercise everyday. Being slim is a lot more delicious than you realised!