4 Healthy Drinks That Satisfy Hunger

4 Healthy Drinks That Satisfy Hunger

Last update: 21 July, 2015

If you’re trying to be more aware of what you’re eating, you’re probably also more conscious of what you’re drinking. You want drinks that satisfy hunger. Water is always a good choice. It quenches your thirst and fills your belly, but it can get a bit boring. Fizzy beverages are loaded with sugar and empty calories. They’re the last thing you need. What to do?

We’ve got some ideas – four of them, in fact. Keep reading. We’ll reveal the best beverages for keeping hunger at bay.

A glass of orange

The juice of an orange oozes with vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and fibre. Just one cup of this liquid sunshine will refresh you with 0.96g of fibre, 1.68g of protein, 175mg of vitamin C, 18g of carbohydrates and 0.24g of fat. All that nutrition comes in at a paltry 79 calories!

Un cafe, s’il vous plait

Black coffee

Yes, there are a few health benefits to your daily cup of the black stuff. No, that doesn’t mean that you can start administering it intravenously. Drinking coffee moderately, however, can increase your levels of protein, sodium and carbohydrates. Give the sugar and milk a miss and you’re onto a winner with this nutritious and low-calorie beverage. If you really must have a splash of milk in it, make it coconut or almond.

Make mine milk…

Milk from the plant kingdom provides more variety and a better nutritional profile than dairy milk – and it will satisfy your stomach, to boot. You’ll find that all of them are abundant in protein, beneficial fats, minerals, vitamins and carbohydrates – all of which combine to give you a choice of drinks to satisfy hunger and rejuvenate you.

Smoothie moves

Healthy shake

Thick, luscious fruit and vegetable drinks are especially adept at putting the kibosh on those creeping hunger pangs. When you want to stabilise your weight, cold shakes will energise you and make you feel fuller for longer. Because they’re packed with good things, they’re high in fibre – and their water content means that they promote smooth digestive transit. Smoothies and fruit shakes give generously. Make them a habit and your body will be getting a wide spectrum of minerals (selenium, calcium and zinc) and vitamins (A, C and E).

Shake it up

Here are a few possible combinations to get your creative juices flowing…

  • Strawberry and coconut yoghurt smoothie
  • Carrot and orange shake
  • Cucumber and pepper smoothie
  • Strawberry and frozen banana shake

If you’re still afraid that you’ll run out of ideas, remember your aromatic herbs. They can easily be infused and drunk hot or cold. A staggering variety of plants means that you won’t have a chance to get bored. Try many and choose your favourites – then, you can add ice and fresh herbs for a sophisticated cocktail experience. C offee blended with ice tastes decadent, but is fabulously wholesome.

One last reminder: avoid fizzy, sugary drinks. They shouldn’t play a major role in a healthy lifestyle – and they can actually have a detrimental affect on certain organs. When drunk regularly, they often contribute to weight gain rather than help you to stop snacking. You don’t need the empty extra calories. After all, you’ve got much nicer things to sip.