4 Natural Hair Oil Masks

4 Natural Hair Oil Masks

Last update: 13 May, 2015

Experts all over the world are encouraging us to use organic cosmetics. They are helping women throughout the world take a second look at traditional cosmetics, which are so full of dangerous ingredients. These conventional cosmetics contain large quantities of petroleum-based ingredients like oestrogens, parabens and paraffin.

All these can be extremely harmful to the human body as they’re highly saturated and it may take a lot of time to eliminate them from the system. On the other hand, organic cosmetics are far better as they’re not only less expensive, but also produce better results.

What’s more, organic cosmetics are readily available in every home as many of them, like natural oils, are commonly used in day-to-day meal preparations! We all know that cooking oil, which is commonly used for preparing meals at home is also great for hair growth because of its active ingredients.

In this article we’ll take you over the wonderful hair related benefits offered by 4 special oils. You’ll learn how you can make hair more beautiful and healthy without spending a lot of money on branded shampoos and cosmetic hair-care products.

As mentioned earlier, cosmetic products may contain very harmful ingredients. You should be all the more careful with them as human skin can easily absorb anything applied directly onto it, via the capillary veins connected to the bloodstream.

Sweet almond oil

sweet almonds

This oil works very well for dry hair and prevents split ends. You can either apply it by gently massaging it onto the hair ends, or even directly onto the scalp. Make sure that you give yourself a nice massage so that the nutrients contained in the oil penetrate into your scalp. Putting on a plastic hat after its application can be of great help as it’ll keep the heat inside and make the oil work even better. Allow the oil to sit for around an hour and then wash your hair like you normally do with shampoo. Use an organic shampoo if possible.

Coconut oil

coconut hair oil

Natural coconut oil is extremely beneficial for the growth and beauty of our hair. It is commonly used for treating dry hair and dandruff. Application of coconut oil can strengthen the hair and make it grow healthier and quicker. However, the coconut oil used must be unrefined and natural. In addition, it must be used the same way as almond oil.

If you have very dry hair or it’s been abused by frequent changes in colour, mix a little bit of coconut oil and water together, and apply it to the hair after drying it well (after a wash). Make sure that you scrunch the oil well into the hair ends. You’ll soon find your hair looking more glamorous and softer.

Avocado oil


Avocado oil is known for its potency and regenerating powers, especially in comparison to other hair oil variants. This is the reason why it’s actively used for dry and abused hair. However, avoid using this oil if your hair is very oily.

A good way of applying this oil is through a mask and allowing it to sit for at least 20 minutes, followed by a head wash and rinse like normal. Practising this routine for at least 15 days can deliver excellent results for your hair.

Argon oil

argon oil

Consisting of plenty of amino acids and nutrients, this oil is considered the best when it comes to hair reinvigoration and moisturisation. Its active ingredients make this oil the most popular one for cosmetic treatments throughout the world.

Argon oil can be used on both oily and dry hair, and is healthy for both the scalp and hair. Using it on a regular basis can make your hair look silky, shiny, soft and healthy from the roots.

As it is more expensive than the other oils, manufacturers often indulge in malpractices like adulteration to make better margins for themselves. Hence, it’s important that you check whether what you’re getting is real argon oil or not. As a broad guideline, it should be cold-pressed and 100% natural.

You must use this oil via a one hour mask, at least twice each month. Wash your hair properly after every application as this oil doesn’t smell very good. You can even use it on your face as a moisturiser.

Please keep in mind…

To make sure you wear a plastic hat when using any of the above detailed hair oil masks. Doing so will help you gain maximum benefits from each application.

If you have a lot of dandruff or very oily hair, adding some tea tree essential oil to the chosen oil can be extremely helpful. The best way to go about it is adding 5 drops of tea tree essential oil to every 100 grams of your chosen oil. The resulting solution will help significantly in repairing hair damage. You’ll start noticing its results after the third treatment. Your hair will become more beautiful and softer, and will start looking healthier and livelier than before.

Rest assured that you’ll achieve great results no matter which one of the above detailed oils you use. What’s extremely important is that you stay consistent with the treatment and don’t give up before the benefits have the chance to impress you.