4 “Weird” Tips for Better Sleep

4 “Weird” Tips for Better Sleep

Last update: 31 August, 2015

Insomnia again? These four weird tips for better sleep are bound to get you on your way to a good night’s sleep in no time.

1. The right temperature for a better sleep

It might not be what you’re used to, but keeping your bedroom cool can help your body relax enough send you off for 8 hours.

The idea temperature is thought to be around 18 degrees. Ever been to the tropics and lied there awake wondering what is going on? Heat can be stimulating, so opening a window before bed or when you can’t sleep might be the answer.


If you’re one of those people that keep the heating on 24 hours a day, make sure it’s set to 18 degrees or lower. Don’t forget that your covers will increase your body temperature, so opt for bed clothes that suit the season.

If you’re too cold at night, that can also cause you to wake up in the small hours or have trouble nodding off. Your body has to protect its core temperature, so wear warmer pyjamas if it’s a cold night, or fetch more blankets so your body relaxes.

2. Sleep with one foot outside the covers


Recent studies showed that sleeping with one foot outside the covers can put you to sleep more quickly and may lead to a deeper sleep.

Our feet help us with temperature regulation, so letting a foot slide out from beneath the covers can help us achieve that perfect sleeping temperature quicker than freeing an arm or pushing away the covers.

If you sleep next to someone who gets very warm at night, putting a foot or two to one side can cool you off nicely if you’re a night cuddler or snuggler.

3. The benefits of sleeping on your left side


According to Ayurvedic medicine, the left and the right sides of the body are really very different. From the outside, it doesn’t appear so. According to these Indian health experts, sleeping on your left side:

  • aids lymphatic drainage (and therefore, detoxification)
  • makes it easy for the heart to pump our blood around our bodies
  • leads to better elimination of waste products
  • supports healthy spleen function
  • encourages excellent digestion
  • increases bile flow

So could sleeping on your left side help you sleep? Since your body renews itself during the night while you rest, yes. The quality of your sleep is likely to be better, and you’re more likely to wake up feeling good. Now that’s what we want to hear!

4. Turn off your electronic devices 2 hours before bed


Devices and EMFs

Forbes magazine recently published an article on all the methods they recommend for an idylic night’s sleep. One of their principle pieces of advice was to get all electronic devices out of the bedroom.

This might seem a little extreme, but they do have a point. Studies show that electronic devices emit frequencies that can damage our health, and stimulate the body.

Stressing out

For people who don’t really believe in things like that, consider how we relate phones, laptops, iPads and other devices with work. Do you want to be reminded of work-related problems or things you have to do right before bed?!


Others recommend putting down all devices for at least two hours before bed. This doesn’t include devices that play music, which can often help relax us – as long as we play something that calms us. Leave the pumping dance music for the morning!


If you enjoy reading in bed, you can use an eBook reader, as long as you’re reading about something that calms you. Don’t read anything work related or study before bed for an easy night’s sleep.

TVs and other screens

TVs and other screens are best avoided, too. Now let’s face it, that’s hard! But stick with us: these tips really work!

What to do before bed

Alternative activities can save the day. Try stretching or doing gentle yoga on the floor, listening to relaxing music, spending quiet time with a loved one by candle light. Drawing or writing in a diary, ironing or other gentle household activities could also work wonderfully for you. Experiment and sleep well.