5 Food Remedies for Snoring

5 Food Remedies for Snoring

Last update: 17 July, 2015

When you share your bed with someone who snores, you dread nightfall. One more sleepless night could drive you mad. If only there were remedies for snoring. Happily, there are – and they’re not as drastic as you might think. Diet plays a major role in our sleep behaviours. What you eat can exacerbate snoring or it can go a long way toward reducing it.

Before you resort to nasal strips or pharmaceutical drugs, why not read this article? We’ll give you some ideas about which foods you can incorporate into your – or the snorer’s – diet. They should give you long lasting relief. By now, you’re probably willing to try anything. Let’s make a start.

Mighty maple

Maple syrup

As snoring remedies go, this one is far more delicious than nasal strips. Even better, as you can enjoy it throughout the day. Maple syrup has powerful anti-inflammatory properties that will keep your airways clear. This, in turn, promotes a more restful sleep.

Potent peppermint tea

Take a break from your usual cuppa and sip some refreshing peppermint tea. It’s brilliantly effective at clearing the throat and respiratory passages. Why’s that? Because it’s so darned good at eliminating phlegm, that’s why.

Know your onions

Chopped onion

Onions aren’t just adept at decorating your veggie burgers. They’re powerfully decongesting, as well. This is great news for habitual snorers. These bodacious bulbs are healthy and safe to consume regularly, so don’t be afraid to make them a part of your daily diet. Eating onions frequently can help eliminate problem snoring by reducing inflammation and opening nasal passages. As for your breath…well, we can’t be held responsible for this remedy’s impact on your intimate life.

All hail olive oil

For versatility, no other oil compares to olive. Its culinary uses are boundless and you can count on it to beautify, too. Because its saturated fat levels are low, olive oil is another way to reduce inflammation in the body. When the tissues that make up your respiratory system aren’t inflamed, you breathe more freely. Voila: no more snoring!

Soya saves

Soya milk

Hold it right there! Is that dairy milk that you’re about to splash all over your cereal? No wonder you’re a buzz saw in bed. Starting today, replace your cows’ milk with soya milk. It won’t create as much mucus in your throat, so  you won’t create so much cacophony in the boudoir. Well, if you do, it won’t be due to snoring.

Good night and good luck

If you make a concerted effort to include these foods on your daily menus, we can almost guarantee that you’ll have a better quality of life. When you’re able to sleep, you’re better able to function during the day. If you’re the culprit, your nearest and dearest will rejoice. After all, this particular problem usually affects them more than it does you. They’re the ones who have to hear it. So, do them a favour: eat the right foods and let them sleep tight!