5 Tips to Get Rid of Flab

5 Tips to Get Rid of Flab

Last update: 23 June, 2015

Excess flab is a problem for many people. Extra fat can be difficult to get rid of and particularly problematic to shift from the arms, thighs and waist. Even with plenty of exercise and a healthy diet, this excess flab can prove highly troublesome and almost impossible to reduce. If you do lose weight, there can be loose skin and stretching of the elastic in the skin, which can result in loss of definition. This article will examine ways to reduce flab and get rid of excess fat for good.

Way to fight flab

One of the main causes of excess fat is improper diet. Fast food and lack of fibre can result in fatty areas in the body and make it hard to shift flab through exercise. Weight loss diets can also result in the loss of muscle as well as fat. This makes us lose definition and become soft, especially in areas such as the arms, glutes and abdomen. Here are 5 tips to beat flab:

Eat food that burns fat

There are many foods which help you to burn stubborn fat in the body. It is important to eat food that strengthens muscles, maintains water in the body and encourages fat burning to occur. When on a diet, it is important to make sure you are eating enough good protein to maintain your muscle mass. This is because when we cut down on our food intake, we can end up losing muscle in addition to fat.

Try to eat plenty of protein that comes from lean meat, such as chicken and fish. Eggs are another excellent source of protein. Even though meat, fish and dairy are the main sources of protein, there is plenty of useful protein in beans and nuts, especially almonds. Apples also contain ursolic acid that promotes muscle growth.


Consume antioxidants

Antioxidants fight free radicals, which age your skin and render it more susceptible to excess flab. Vitamin C is a strong antioxidant. If you include plenty of vitamin C in your diet, you can accelerate your metabolism which helps to burn more fat, while preserving muscle mass. Berries are a good source of vitamin C, along with oranges and lemons. These fruits also give your skin a collagen boost, which is vital for maintaining the firmness and elasticity in skin. 


Avoid fast food

Fast food is very high in fat. It is always a mistake to eat fast food and high fat convenience food. These foods make you gain weight and increase your fat stores. Fast food is also normally high in salt and sugar, which accelerates aging, bloats the body, encourages fluid retention and damages skin.


Be careful in the sun

Most people enjoy being in the sun and it is certainly necessary for our health in order for the body to synthesise vitamin D. However, too much sun is very harmful. Excess sun destroys your skin’s natural collagen and dries the skin out. It is always best to avoid sun bathing and try to wear a sun screen when you are outside, especially when the sun is at its most powerful between noon and 3pm.


Exercise to fight flab

Exercise is vital if you want to lose fat and build muscle. Diet alone is important, but often this can result in a body that is not toned. By incorporating exercise into your routine you can help to maintain existing muscle mass while you diet, increase your lean muscle and build your fitness levels. To reduce all over body fat, cardio exercise is excellent. This is the type of exercise that leaves you breathless, such as running, swimming and cycling.

Strength training is also highly recommended because the more lean muscle you build, then more calories you will burn even at rest. This is because not only does exercise speeds up your metabolism, bigger muscles require more calories to exist. As you lose fat, you will want to concentrate on areas of the body you want to tone up, such as the glutes and backs of arms. There are lots of specific exercises to target these areas, including lunges and tricep dips. Crunches are also good for tightening stomach muscles.

By using exercise along with a healthy diet, you will slowly lose the excess flab and start to become more toned.