6 Drinks to Help you Lose Weight

6 Drinks to Help you Lose Weight

Last update: 23 March, 2015

When we want to lose weight we think about the food in our diet but less about the things we drink. Not only can the right choice of beverage lower your daily calorie intake but it can also speed up weight loss.

There are hundreds and thousands of diet plans which promise to help you lose weight and some make miraculous statements about instant results; they are as varied as the people who use them.

Most diets centre around a fundamental change in eating and some form of physical activity, but very few of them tell us what we can drink as part of our weight loss programme.

In this article we’re going to look at six drinks which can help you to lose weight as part of whatever diet regimen is right for you. None of these drinks is a miracle cure-all, but by following a healthy diet combined with regular exercise they may help you to lose weight more quickly.

1. Cold Water

Not only does staying hydrated keep our appetites from behaving badly but water has no calories and is the best choice to help you lose weight. Drinking iced water also makes the body burn more calories. Studies suggest that our body uses around 15 more calories when we drink iced water (per 450ml glass) as opposed to tepid water. If you chill your recommended daily intake of 2 litres of water then you will be burning an extra 66 calories per day.

2. Vegetable Juice

lose weight drinking
A great source of nutrients.

An excellent way to make sure you take in the daily nutrients you need, juicing is a popular and healthy way to lose weight. On average you will consume 135 calories less when replacing a meal with a vegetable juice, and you’ll still feel satisfied.

3. Green Tea

Tea accelerates your metabolism, so it can help you burn more calories. Green tea in particular can increase the rate at which you burn fat by as much as 43%.

4. Skimmed Milk

Lose weight with milk
Milk helps our body burn fat

Although it seems implausible, skimmed milk actually breaks down the build up of fat inside our bodies. Drinking just one glass of skimmed milk per day can increase weight loss. Nutritionists purport that including skimmed milk in our diet increases the metabolism of fat by 70% when compared to those who do not have dairy in their diet.

5. Nutritional Beverages

Cited as being a ‘meal in a glass’, nutritional drinks are a source of a quantifiable calories, minerals and vitamins. They should be consumed as meal replacements and not in addition to any diet regime. Some drinks are protein rich and therefore you should be mindful of whatever diet you may be following to ensure that these drinks are compatible with any nutritional restrictions. If in doubt, check with a specialist.

6. Coconut Water

Shell of Coconut with water
Coconut water boosts weight loss

Coconut water boosts our metabolism and also increases our energy meaning we burn calories more efficiently. It also contains a greater proportion of electrolytes than other drinks and therefore keeps us hydrated for longer. It’s a natural kick start to the day.