6 Reasons to Drink Warm Water on an Empty Stomach

6 Reasons to Drink Warm Water on an Empty Stomach

Last update: 27 August, 2015

We know we have to drink water for good health, but there is so much conflicting advice out there about when and how. Should it be plain water or herbal tea? Should it be hot, warm, room temperature or cold?

Actually, all these options have their benefits and negative effects, except warm water (when you consume it on an empty stomach), which has no negative drawbacks. Today we’re going to talk about how you can benefit from drinking a cup of warm water when your tummy is empty.

A warm (but not hot!) cup of plain water or plain water with lemon can have some extraordinary effects on your body when it’s drunk on an empty stomach.

Why? Well, when you don’t have anything in your stomach for your body to deal with, it can put all its loving attention on cleansing and detoxing.

When we consume cold liquids any time, they have to be brought up to body temperature before you can assimilate them. This process takes energy, and is thought by some to increase your metabolism. The truth is that warm liquids are actually more efficient at doing this.

So what temperature should it be? When we say warm water, we don’t mean tepid. The water shouldn’t burn your tongue when you drink it, but it should be hot enough for you to feel the warmth as it travels down to your belly.

Improves digestion

The digestive system thrives on water. It needs water to break down all the substances we eat and drink.

Warm water, though, breaks down our food faster, softening solid particles, making oils more liquid and making digestion easier on all levels.

Ever heard of someone recommending a cup of herbal tea when you have tummy ache or trapped wind? Warm water is soothing to the nervous system, relaxes tight intestines and provides a helping hand to a struggling digestive system every time.

Prevents constipation


Constipation can affect us at any time. You can forget to drink enough water or change your eating habits temporarily and have trouble passing stools in less than a week!

Constipation can be frightening, depressing and downright painful. When you’ve been sitting on the loo for a long time and nothing seems to be happening, you might start wondering if this is going to be your life from now on!

Constipation can also affect how you look. Not going to the toilet often enough can lead to skin problems, a bigger-looking belly and nausea. It can also make you feel heavy.

Constipation is often caused by dehydration. Drinking very warm water first thing in the morning can solve your problems, though. It will stimulate your bowels and get you back to normal in no time at all.

Great for everyday aches and pains

Tummy aches and trapped wind are pains that can be alleviated by warm water, but it’ll work on menstrual cramps and headaches, too! The heat can provide instant relief. It will increase the blood flow to your skin, too, for a warm glow!

Helps with weight loss


It might seem like a strange trick, but when you drink warm water on an empty stomach, you’re increasing your metabolic rate. You’ll be burning more calories when you drink it every day.

One of the most popular ways to lose weight right now is by detoxing. Warm water, especially when drunk on an empty stomach, cleanses your kidney and supports proper liver function. You don’t even have to eat kale for it to work!

Adding lemon to your warm water will increase its effectiveness at breaking down adipose tissue, or fat. The pectin content of lemons also helps to control food cravings. Happy days.

Improves circulation

Getting rid of all of those toxins also supports healthy circulation, as it helps clear out your capilaries. Relaxed muscles mean better circulation, too, and you can enjoy this as an added benefit.

Prevents premature aging


Warm water can help repair skin cells and increase the elasticity of the skin, according to experts. Toxins make our bodies age faster, so getting rid of more toxins means we will age less. This is great news for anyone interested in looking younger for longer!