6 Reasons to Lose Weight

6 Reasons to Lose Weight

Last update: 14 July, 2015

Sometimes it’s hard to motivate yourself to even get out of bed and go to work or college, but when it comes to losing weight, forget it! It’s easy to put it off till after Christmas, later in the spring, after your exams or presentation, or when you have a little more money to spend on exercising equipment, clothes or a gym membership. So what we’ve done here is give you some great reasons to lose those few extra pounds by motivating yourself with some feel-good advice. Read on and get yourself prepared.

1. It’s good for your health

Being overweight is certainly not recommended if you want to live a long and enjoyable life into your 80s. The problem is that when we are overweight, we are at a much higher risk of developing a chronic disease. This might look like cancer, heart disease or diabetes, depending on your family history and daily habits.

It’s kind of difficult to be healthy and overweight. If you want that healthy look: beautiful, glowing skin; healthy hair and nails, good muscle tone in all the right places, etc., look no further than improving your general health, and you will lose weight. Chips, burgers and cake just don’t match with that trim, slim body you might be looking for. Yes, there are people who seem to eat badly and look good, but their fate will usually catch up with them once they’ve reached 30 or 40 years old.

2. To raise your self-esteem


Sometimes skinny people are annoying because they just want to flaunt their looks everywhere they go. Why is this? It’s because feeling and looking good about your body makes you receive more attention. Being your ideal weight will have a profound effect on you psychologically and you make find yourself having the confidence to approach people you couldn’t before, socialising outside of your usual limits and just feeling good in your skin more often than not.

3. To get active

Being heavy can make us feel heavy in a literal way. Perhaps there’s a sport or other physical activity you’ve always loved the idea of doing. Maybe it’s pole dance, or ice hockey – who knows. Learning to dance and move your body in an enjoyable way can cause a positive ripple effect that will touch all areas of your life. Being active is fun, and you deserve to have as much fun as you want to have just like everyone else.

4. To achieve goals


Is your weight holding you back? If you have always been overweight to some degree, you might not even consider the idea of achieving goals that seem out of reach for you in this moment. We’re not necessarily talking running a marathon – although, of course there isn’t anything wrong with wanting to do that. It might be a personal goal you’d like to achieve but which just feels a little more difficult than it might if you lost weight. Go for your dreams and you’ll experience the thrill of becoming more than you realised you were.

5. To eliminate stress

Stress is a bummer. Let’s face it, who likes to feel stressed?! The stressed caused by being overweight might affect you more than you realise, whether it’s in social situations, when out clothes shopping or daydreaming about someone you’d really like to be with. Struggling through these thoughts and emotions isn’t necessary. Taking the decision to lose weight can be the first step on a wonderful journey to a new, and more relaxed you.

6. To wear the clothes you want

Sometimes you go into a clothes shop you really like, and they’re having a sale, but the only top you really, really like is too small. Or maybe it’s a case of, “Oh yeah, that used to fit me, but I’ll need to lose a few pounds before I’ll be able to get into it again.” Wear the clothes you want! You can buy a mini, or a tightly fitting LBD that shows off all your sexy curves when you get motivated and lose the weight you hope to lose.