8 Cancer Preventing Drinks

8 Cancer Preventing Drinks

Last update: 07 August, 2015

Cancer is an incredibly serious disease, caused by various factors ranging from lifestyle habits, to unavoidable genes. Because the disease can affect anyone, and because it continues to be one of the main causes of death throughout the world, people are constantly worried about it, and trying to find new ways both to treat and prevent the disease. Although medicines and technological advances have made leaps towards treatment and prevention of this disease, perhaps a few simple lifestyle changes can help, too. Here, we’ll be talking about eight helpful drinks for the prevention of cancer.

There have been a large number of scientific studies completed around the world to determine the relationship between diet, and the prevention of cancer. As a result of this, we now know that many foods containing antioxidants, such as vitamins A, C, D, E and so on, are excellent at fighting cancer, and help to protect the body effectively, but also naturally. 

If you’d like to know about eight natural drinks that can help prevent cancer, and reduce your own risk,  when drunk often just keep reading!

Pineapple and ginger smoothie

An enzyme called bromelain is contained within pineapple. This enzyme is responsible for helping to prevent cancer, and reducing the negative impact that chemotherapy and radiotherapy can have on the body. The elements of bromelain help to reduce and kill cancerous cells, but leave healthy cells intact.


Ginger is well known to have properties that fight cancer, and help to reduce the size of tumours; this is widely regarded to be more effective than many medicinal products which help to fight cancer.

How to make it

Blend up pineapple, ginger and milk. That’s all you need to do to make up your cancer fighting drink.

Orange and raspberry juice

Since vitamins and antioxidants play a huge role in the prevention and treatment of cancer, it makes sense that fruits such as oranges and raspberries would help! Both fruits are fantastic sources of antioxidants, and mixing them together will help you make up a great disease fighting drink.

How to make it

Mix raspberries and orange juice together, and then drink. Try and drink it on an empty stomach, if you can. Before breakfast would be a great time!

Apple and carrot smoothie

Carrots contain great stimulating properties which aid your body’s defences against many illnesses, which is hugely beneficial when it comes to fighting diseases such as cancer. One of the components of a carrot is called falcarinol, which is an effective ingredient to fight against cancer.


As for apples, apples and their skins contain a great number of antioxidants and vitamins which are useful for disease fighting. Naturally, the combination of apples and carrots are perfect for making up an anti-cancer drink.

How to make it

Pop a little bit of water in your blender with a carrot, and an apple with its peel on. Blend it all together, and drink as soon as you can after making.

Banana and mango smoothie

Not only does this sound like an incredibly tasty combination, both of these fruits are chock full of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. On top of that, bananas contain certain minerals that can be hard to find in other foods. They’re extremely beneficial for helping your body function to its best, but also for actively preventing cancer.

How to make it

Peel your fruit, then pop it in the blender. Add some honey to sweeten, if you like, then add some water and give it a blend.

Blackberry smoothie


A study by Wancai Yang has shown that wild blackberries are known to contain antioxidants, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory and anti-neurodegenerative properties. This means that they’re great for preventing and helping cancer, especially colon cancer.

How to make it

This one is super simple, just mix some blackberries with either water or milk in your blender – drink often!

Ginger tea

There have been studies which prove that ginger is capable of destroying cancer cells more effectively than medications produced to treat cancer. This makes it a great substance to eat and drink when it comes to preventing and treating cancers. It’s helpful when it comes to reducing tumours, without any unwanted side effects on your overall health.

How to make it

Thinly slice ginger, and mix up with lemon juice. Dissolve the ingredients in a cup of boiling water, allow to sit for ten minutes and then drink it.


Now, we’re not recommending you go ahead and down a whole bottle, but the American Cancer Association have stated that drinking a glass of wine of an evening can reduce the risk of dying from cancer by up to 20%. This is because wine contains high levels of phenolics (resveratrol and quercetin) which, when ingested, act as powerful antioxidants, helping to prevent cancer.

Salt water


It’s important to keep in mind that, although salt water can have negative side effects on your otherwise healthy body such as dehydration and other changes, it also contains many advantageous properties which can help fight cancer, and restore your body’s health.

How to make it

Don’t, under any circumstances, just drink pure salt water because this could negatively affect your body. Mix up one part salt water to five parts of pure water without any salt in it. If you find that drinking salt water like that is too much for you, you can add in the juice of a whole lemon per litre of water, or sweeten the mixture if you would prefer.