8 Mistakes Men Make During Sex

8 Mistakes Men Make During Sex

Last update: 06 August, 2015

Let’s talk frankly about sex. We all know that women love to have sex as much as men – maybe even more than men! However, women can only fully enjoy their sex lives if men step up to the mark in bed. Unfortunately, many men think they are much better in bed than they really are, a fallacy often perpetuated by watching a lot of unrealistic porn. In reality, a lot of things men do in bed can turn women off.

Although sex is often talked about these days, there are many myths that are perpetuated about sexual pleasure. Men often chat to their friends about being good in bed but the reality is that women regularly remain unsatisfied. Many men do not realise this because women tend to be kind to spare a man’s feelings, especially when the bedroom is such as sensitive area for male egos.

Communication is highly important in any relationship, especially in the bedroom. It is important for couples to share their desires to make sure both partners are satisfied. But the huge number of sexual myths and cultural trends surrounding sex make men feel overconfident about their prowess, leading many women to feel unsatisfied with their sex lives. Read on to find out a few of the mistakes men make in bed.

Be gentle with the clitoris

The clitoris is women’s number one pleasure centre, in the same way that the penis is men’s favourite spot. However, men are often too rough. This clumsy touch can spoil the experience for the woman. Many women are very sensitive down there, so men need to take things gently as first while they learn what type of caresses work for their partner. Women also take more time to become fully turned on than men, so men should not rush to the clitoris but gently caress and listen to their partner’s responses to know when to use more pressure.

Caress our breasts

Most women love their breasts to be touched during sex. However, the breasts are delicate and some men are too rough which can be annoying or even painful.  Women can feel crazy with passion for their fella – but men need to be gentle to let their woman enjoy their touch.

Quality over quantity

Quality is usually much more important for women than for men. Men like to rack up the number of sexual encounters to make them feel more virile but, for women, one amazing night of passion is much better than 5 so-so experiences.

Spend more time on foreplay

Men need to slow down! Many men rush to penetration during sex because this feels the most pleasurable for them. However, the main path to orgasm for women is the clitoris. Penetration is only one of the many sexual acts that give pleasure to women, so you should not expect women to feel satisfied if that is all you do.

Don’t over “spank”

A little spank at the peak of passion can often add to the level of excitement and turn your partner on even more. However, spanking is not an act which is to everyone’s taste. Some women may even feel degraded by spanking. Over-zealous spanking can be irritating and a turn off, so keep your spanks both occasional and light to make sure they don’t become a pain.

Whispers make it better

Whispering sweet words in your partner’s ear while making love is a sure way of firing up her passions. Saying “I love you” is the best phrase of course, but there are many other lovely comments that would add to the intimacy of the moment. Words are not the only way to talk of course – paying attention to a woman’s body language says a lot about what she likes and doesn’t like about your bedroom skills.

Don’t eat our ears

The ear can often be a sensitive part of the body and a gentle caress with the lips or tongue can feel great. Just try to avoid leaving her ear full of slobber! Keep it light and soft with small caresses and you’ll add to the passion.

Don’t suck our big toes

Most women do not like having their toes sucked! This fetish is not something that should be brought into the mainstream and for most people there is nothing sexy about feet. You may find a woman who loves foot action, but for the main part steer clear of sucking that big toe.