8 Tips for Happier Living

8 Tips for Happier Living

Last update: 25 June, 2015

Happiness – we all want it, but not as many of us could define it or describe exactly how to achieve it. This is because the concept of happiness is intensely personal and what makes one person happy could make another one miserable. If we apply a medical definition to happiness it is often described as is a mental or emotional state of well-being defined by positive or pleasant emotions. The secret of your own true happiness may lie in biological, psychological, religious or philosophical approaches but most authorities agree that true happiness comes from within and if you are unhappy then you are the one who has to do something about it. Here are a few things that you could try.

It is perfectly normal to have times when you feel unhappy. If you are in one of those times right now, give some of these ideas a go.

Explore new things

It is no surprise that activities you do every day can become tedious and cease to give you pleasure. So change them! Take up a new sport, explore new places, change your circle of friends, or get in touch with people that you haven’t seen in a while.


Then buy yourself some new clothes, get a new hairstyle or hair colour or buy a new pair of shoes. You don’t have to spend a fortune. You can get many quality garments from charity shops these days for just a few pounds. Many hair-dressers have special offers with new members of staff. Don’t make these changes to please other people – do it for yourself. You are not looking for compliments – instead it is important that you like what you see in the mirror and that you feel secure, comfortable – and beautiful!

Trust your own judgement


Following conventions that don’t suit you is a sure way to make yourself unhappy. Be true to yourself and rust your own opinions and judgement instead of denying them. Remember that what matters is that you are happy and this cannot be achieved by ignoring your true feelings. Be confident about yourself and follow your gut feeling. Well-meaning friends and relatives will give you advice but you do not have to follow it!

Accept people for who they are

Sometimes people have attitudes that anger or irritate us, or are not easy to accept. If you have this kind of person in your group of friends, at work, or in your family, tolerance is the most important value to have. Getting constantly angry will not help your own happiness. Instead, try to realise that everyone has good and bad qualities. Try to focus on the positive and remember that you do not know everything about this person. They may have very good reasons for behaving in the way they do. Learn to live and let live.

No hard feelings

Hatred and negative feelings harm both your body and mind. Keep your life free of resentment. Let the negativity pass away and replace it with positive thoughts. If a person is constantly causing you physical or emotional harm, remove them from your life. You do not need them.

Make plans


If you are a person that lets days go by waiting for good things to happen to you out of nowhere, having a happy life is going to be more difficult. Start setting goals – both short and long term. Think about what you truly want from life and then plan how to get it. Striving for something is often just a pleasurable as achieving it.


Nothing feels as good as a good laugh! When you laugh, your body releases endorphins which help fight stress and stimulate the dilation of blood vessels. Enjoy all of the special moments in your life and let go. Get together with friends who make you laugh or watch your favourite stand-up.

Enjoy 100% of everything you have

Keep in mind that happiness is not about having money or success. Life has small details that will make you feel fulfilled. Enjoy the food that you love, a good movie, wine, a hot bath or spending special time with your family.

Eat light food

Eating processed foods can make you feel bloated and sluggish and quite the opposite of happy. Eat right and you will feel energised and exude positivity!