9 Medicinal Plants for Weight Loss

9 Medicinal Plants for Weight Loss

Last update: 05 August, 2015

Eating a plant-based diet helps control unwanted bulges! Fruits and vegetables and other plant -based foods contain high levels of fibre, water, nutrients and phyto-compounds. All these factors help control your appetite, make you feel more satisfied after eating and provide much needed nutrition for a healthy body. Although we live in a society where food is plentiful, many of us are nutrient-deprived. We simply are not getting what our bodies need from our diet and that leaves us craving more! The result is obesity and health problems.

You will not find it hard to find diet advice and adverts for expensive weight-loss products. However, you may not be aware that there are medicinal plants that will help you lose weight effectively and without the financial strain. These natural remedies must be combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise (30 minutes a day) if they are to work properly. You should speak to your doctor before embarking on a weight loss regime, especially if you have any underlying health issues. Here are our top 9 recommendations for weight loss plants.  

Green tea


This is one of the most popular alternative remedies for weight loss. It contains plenty of antioxidants and actually helps us to burn fat very quickly. You can drink green tea a few times a day and you can even drink it as an alternative to coffee and black tea. It is important that you drink green tea every if it is to help with your weight loss diet.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera has detoxifying properties that will improve your digestion. At the same time it will help you to burn fat. We recommend this plant because you will see a real difference to your waistline within a few weeks. Most people find that aloe vera crystal is more palatable if it is mixed with a citrus juice sweetened with honey.



This ancient spice is known for its metabolism-boosting properties and it is known to regulate blood sugar levels. Consuming it helps reduce triglycerides and cholesterol, and improves the metabolism of glucose. As a result you will stop craving sugary snacks. This makes it much easier to stick to your diet and lose weight.


Mustard is a cruciferous plant similar to broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage. Mustard seeds have been shown to be effective in increasing the metabolic rate of adults by 25%, which makes you burn calories and lose weight. We recommend using 3/5 of a teaspoon of seeds a day (you can include them in your recipes) and this could make you burn 45 extra calories an hour.

It is very important to not exceed the recommended intake of mustard as excessive consumption could damage your health.



Cumin is widely used in Eastern dishes and has a very beneficial effect on your digestive system and energy production. It is thought that cumin can control the glycaemic index in people with type II diabetes. This makes cumin a great friend to you in your efforts to lose weight. It can also eliminate toxins from the body.


Artichokes have depurative, diuretic, and laxative properties. Many expensive weight loss products have this plant as their base. You can use fresh artichoke leaves in an infusion and consume daily.


Birch has diuretic properties for a weight loss diet. It will help your body to eliminate toxin and prevent fat accumulation. We recommend making an infusion with 1 or 2 teaspoons of birch in a cup of water.



Celery will help you with weight loss and cleansing your body. You can eat it raw in salads or add it to cooked dishes such as casseroles. It will help you lose weight in a matter of days. You can even ingest it as a drink by cutting a raw celery stalk and then boiling it in water for 30 minutes. Then, strain it and drink the water at least three times a day.

Cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper contains capsaicin, which is what gives it the lovely hot and spicy flavour. This same ingredient can help you lose weight because of the reduction of caloric intake, which reduces fatty tissue and the levels of fat in the blood.