9 Natural Remedies for Tense Muscles

9 Natural Remedies for Tense Muscles

Last update: 19 May, 2015

Whilst we may all be living longer than we used to, modern living brings with it an array of health problems. Many of them are caused by our sedentary lifestyle and stressful lives. Our muscles are often the victims of this lifestyle and the muscles of our neck, shoulder and back can be severely affected when we sit in front of the computer or TV for hours at a time. Stiff, tense muscles can be treated by natural remedies as well as artificial treatments and drugs. Many plants possess natural muscle relaxing properties.

Muscle tension and pain

A typical modern lifestyle can involve spending 9 or more hours in an office with no fresh air, eating convenience foods, adopting an inappropriate posture and worrying about a combination of work, family and financial problems. Is it any wonder that our bodies start to protest?

One of the most common reactions is neck and back pain tension that gets so bad that it triggers pain, which is so bad that even moving your head can be difficult. Many of us try massages, hot compresses and adjustments to the way that we sit (ergonomics) in an attempt to rectify the situation. However, few of us realise that natural herbs can be powerful muscle relaxants and can play a role in alleviating muscular pain.

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Most plant remedies are consumed as an infusion to bring about muscle relaxation and calmness to your frazzled nerves.

Fortunately, there is a long list of natural treatments. They have barely any side effects, making them much safer than the powerful medications that you buy over-the-counter. They work in a natural way in harmony with your body, so they can take a little bit longer to work.

It is important to remember that you should also have a healthy and balanced diet, so that your muscles are less contracted. You should try to take in 500 mg of calcium, 1500 mg of magnesium, 99 mg of potassium and 3000 mg of vitamin C everyday.

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The best plant muscle relaxers

  • Rosemary is very common cooking herb with plenty of health benefits, especially for relaxation. A bath in rosemary leaves will relieve menstrual cramps and muscle spasms. You can also massage rosemary oil into your joints or use it on a hot compress on painful or inflamed areas affected by arthritis.
  • Valerian is an ancient herb has been used for hundreds of years to relieve neck tension. It also has a huge sedative effect which helps with anxiety and sleep problems. You can ingest it as a valerian infusion or tea, or take natural pills if you don’t like the smell.


  • Chamomile can be used to treat muscle pain, menstrual problems, tension, headache, anxiety, stress and nerves. It will relax your tense muscles and has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Catnip is a member of the mint family and indigenous to Europe. It is used as a natural sedative and also a muscle relaxer. It can help with swollen joints, relieves headaches caused by tension and helps with soft tissue injuries.
  • Cayenne pepper is often used in the kitchen but is also effective for relieving and treating pain caused by muscle cramps effectively and quickly.


  • Radish has been used for centuries to relieve muscle tension and pain. You can add radish essential oil to hot water in a bath or massages with it.
  • Wild thyme is plant that is similar to thyme but has a great ability to naturally relax muscles, because of its essential oils.
  • Passifloraalso known as passion flower, is known for its beauty. It contains phytoesterols and flavonoids, both of which have antioxidant effects. It also contains alkaloids, essential oils, and other ingredients for a relaxing and relieving pain. It is used for insomnia, muscle contractions, stress, anxiety and nervousness. Ingest it as an infusion.
  • Lavender is a common flower which has a plenty of useful properties. Lavender oil is known as one of the most effective natural muscle relaxers. You will need to massage the affected area with firm, circular movements in order to increase blood flow. Then, take a hot shower to relax both your mind and your body.