Accelerate Metabolism With These 7 Foods

Accelerate Metabolism With These 7 Foods

Last update: 04 November, 2022

If you easily gain weight, you may be wondering if there’s any way to accelerate metabolism. Is it possible to boost the efficiency of your body’s engine? The short answer: yes!

In fact, it can be as easy as knowing which natural tools to use in the process. Simple lifestyle changes – getting enough sleep, exercising regularly and eating healthily – can have a dramatic effect upon your body’s metabolic potential. There are even certain foods that can assist you in your goals. In this article, we’ll tell you which foods have the ability to accelerate your metabolism.

Tips to naturally accelerate metabolism

If your metabolism is sluggish, it usually indicates that you’re consuming more calories than you can expend. This is why you tend to accumulate fat and are more likely to gain weight. In order to achieve a good balance, you should try to perk up your metabolism with foods that will help stimulate it. We recommend including the following in your balanced diet:


Because they contain an active component called capsaicin, peppers are great for boosting the metabolism. Adding hot peppers to meals will improve your body’s ability to burn calories, effectively reducing the chances of accumulating excess fat. They can also help ease hunger pangs and make you less likely to snack between meals.

Coffee and green tea

Pot of tea

Studies have illustrated that drinking four cups of coffee or tea throughout the day can have a positive effect upon your metabolism. The reason for this is because both of these drinks are good sources of antioxidants and can be safely consumed every day.


In artichokes, you’ll find a mysterious-sounding ingredient called inulin. It’s actually just a carbohydrate that controls the amount of ghrelin that the body produces. Right. Inulin? Ghrelin? What is ghrelin? It’s the hormone that makes you feel hungry…or full! When you don’t feel hungry, your body is burning more calories.


Root ginger

Ginger is absolutley packed with antioxidants and other beneficial substances. Because of this, ginger can help to speed up your metabolism and promote feelings of satisfaction. When you feel full, you don’t feel the need to snack every minute. Of course, this is extremely important when you are trying to lose weight and keep hunger at bay.

Walnuts and hemp seeds

Walnuts and hemp seeds are abundant in omega-3 fatty acids, so help to reduce levels of the hormone called leptin. When this hormone’s levels are low, metabolism accelerates and calories are burned at an increased rate.

Apples and pears


Did you ever suspect that the humble pear could help you to burn fat? They can be instrumental in your goal to lose weight. Don’t wait to make these a part of your daily regime. Let them become a feature of your favourite meals and you’ll soon see a positive difference to both your weight and your overall health. Bon appetit!