How to Get Super Shiny Hair

How to Get Super Shiny Hair

Last update: 15 May, 2015

Silky, shiny hair can be a sign of youth and vitality. Your hair can reflect good health and show that you take good care of yourself. Therefore, good hair care can make you feel great about yourself.

You may have used expensive and harsh hair treatments. However these can be damaging and may not have worked in the way you wanted them to. With that in mind, we have some natural alternatives that will help to keep hair shiny, smooth and healthy.

Natural options that will give you shiny hair

Banana and egg


Cut a banana into small pieces and beat it until is has a puree texture. Take an egg white and mix it with the banana until a thick mixture has formed. Apply it to your hair and leave it for 15-30 minutes. You can also mix a little yogurt to the mixture if you find it too thick. Your hair will be soft and shiny after use.


Mayonnaise is an effective conditioner for the hair. You should apply the mayonnaise as a mask all over your hair and leave it for around 20 minutes.

It’s a good idea to wear plastic gloves and cover your hair in a plastic bag or clingfilm. Once 20 minutes is up, wash your hair to remove the mayonnaise. While mayonnaise is greasy, it has beneficial conditioning properties and is best used on dry hair.



For this treatment, you will need an avocado for short hair and two avocados for very long hair. Mash the avocado until a thick paste has formed. Apply this mixture all over you hair. Leave on for 20 minutes and rinse off. Use this treatment every two to three days for super sleek hair.



Before you start this treatment, leave the beer for an hour or so until the foam goes away. Once it has, apply the beer to clean hair for 10 minutes and massage it in. Rinse off with water. Apply conditioner for five minutes to remove the beer smell. Rinse the conditioner off and dry your hair.

Aloe and honey


Aloe and honey have fantastic benefits for the hair. To use it as a treatment, use four inner leaves of aloe and extract the inside of them. Add this extract to use shampoo along with 3 tablespoons of honey. Use your shampoo as normal and you’ll have much brighter hair.

Fruit mask

Firstly, peel and mash two bananas in a bowl. Then add the juice of two squeezed oranges. Mix them together until a thin paste has formed. Add five tablespoons of honey and mix in. Apply this mixture to your hair and massage it in. Leave this treatment on for two hours and then wash your hair.



Add a few drops of lemon to a bowl of water. Apply it all over your hair and leave it to sit for 15-20 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Use this treatment at night or during the day when you won’t be going out in the sun as this can lighten your hair.

Our bests tips for shiny hair

Try to avoid using heat on your hair unless you have used a heat protection product beforehand. Using a deep conditioning treatment as least once a week will keep your hair in good condition. Gently brush your hair to avoid breakage and to keep your hair looking shiny and healthy.