10 Ways to Heal Yourself With Aloe

10 Ways to Heal Yourself With Aloe

Last update: 02 April, 2015

In modern society we are rediscovering the fantastic properties of ancient plants, and here we are going to take a look at aloe vera. Get yourself a healthy with the aloe vera plant! Pop it on your kitchen window sill and start reaping the benefits right away!

1. A skin remedy

Aloe is a very versatile and effective agent for all sorts of skin issues. Use it as a healing agent for cuts and burns and exploit the mild antiseptic properties for spots, pimples and mild skin infections. You can even use it as a gentle sunscreen if you are not being exposed to too much sun.

2. Easing constipation


Use aloe vera as a natural laxative and get relief from constipation. Do not overdo it though, because you may irritate the gut. If symptoms of constipation persist you should consult your doctor.

3. Soothing mouth sores

Aloe can be crushed and applied in the mouth to ulcers and gingivitis. Make sure that the plant is in contact with the affected area of the mouth.

4. A colon healer

Colon pain

Mix honey, orange juice and one tablespoon of aloe vera into a glass of water and drink it daily as a super healthy tonic for your troubled colon. Feel those cramps ease away the natural way!

5. Acne

Acne is simply an area of infection and inflammation on the skin but it can cause untold misery and heartache to those that suffer from it. You can get acne on any part of your body, but the face and back are the most common sites. Acne on the face causes the greatest distress. Aloe can help with this. You can buy preparations such as aloe creams and lotions that are designed to combat acne. Aloe is both antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, so it is the ideal natural remedy. Alternatively, use you own plant! Snap open a leaf and apply the sap directly to a bothersome pimple.

6. Cellulite

Cellulite leg

Apply aloe to areas of cellulite in conjunction with a healthy diet and strict exercise regime – it cannot perform miracles on its own!

7. Hair health

Aloe does not just work on your skin – it’s great for the hair as well. Hair is your crowning glory – if it looks great then you will look great so let aloe do the hard work for you. Aloe vera protects the hair from sun, and the scalp from UV rays.  It also protects it from the things you throw at it every day. Things like your straighteners, your curlers and your hair dryer as well as all those chemical products that have been building up for months. Aloe will control the oil on your scalp and make your hair shinier and silkier.

8. Controlling dandruff


See the end of those embarrassing and troublesome flecks of white on your dark clothes. Dandruff always seems to make itself known just when you don’t want it to! Aloe vera can be a great help with this. Use an aloe solution to wash your hair instead of your regular shampoo and you will the difference before you know it. Let this purely natural remedy sort out this problem for you rather than resorting to harsh chemicals and medication.

 9. Get relaxed!

We hold a lot of tension in our head area – so many people clench their jaws or grind their teeth when they are feeling stressed. If you are using aloe to wash your hair – take the time to treat yourself to a relaxing head massage. Aloe will naturally melt away all the tension that has been building up during the day.

10. Lose weight


The wonderful cleansing properties of Aloe Vera can be a great friend in your battle against the bulge. Aloe will rid your body of all the unhealthy toxins that build up from our normal diets. Just mix it with lemon and you’ll have a complete set of cleansing and detoxifying properties. Give yourself the ultimate healthy smoothie by mixing the following ingredients together in a blender:

  • 1 medium aloe leaf, cut into pieces with the spines removed
  • 1 tablespoon of honey
  • the juice from 1 lemon

Drink this first thing in the morning, before you eat anything else for breakfast. It works best if you stick to a healthy diet and get plenty of exercise as well.