Analyse Your Sleep Style

Analyse Your Sleep Style

Last update: 20 May, 2015

The position you sleep in can reveal a great deal about your personality, your habits and even the things that are bothering you in your life. Read this article to discover what your sleeping position says about you!

What does your sleep position say about you?

You can tell a lot about someone’s personality by looking at how they sleep. When we are asleep, our bodies take advantage of the rest and our brain repairs and refreshes itself. Sleep postures are infinitely variable but they can be grouped into 6 main categories.

There has been a lot of research into sleep style and people’s personality. Our body language when we are awake is often analysed but our bodies have a language when they are asleep as well.


The 6 main sleeping positions

The foetal position

This is the classic and most common sleeping position. Lying on your side, curled, with your knees towards your chest, your arms crossed or close to your legs. Arms may be under the pillow. This is the position that a baby adopts in the womb. Studies have shown that up to 41% of the population choose it. Women are more likely to sleep this way than men. This curled up position can indicate sensitivity and a tendency to have more intense relationships. People who sleep like this can be shy at first but eventually relax and are very caring. They can be scared of getting emotionally hurt.

The “trunk” position

This is lying on your side, with both legs straight together, as well as keeping your back straight. Hands will tend to be on the side of the body or with one of them under the pillow. This position is adopted by 15% of the population. People who sleep like this tend to be uninhibited and relaxed with a laid back personality. They are usually extroverts and get on with everyone. They love to be part of a group and readily trust in others. This can make them vulnerable.


The “melancholy” position

Lying with a straight back but legs are slightly bent forward, hands are stretched in front, and one can be underneath the pillow. Around 13% of people sleep like this. These people can have a complicated personality. They can be friendly and open but can also feel cynical and suspicious of others at the same time. They make decisions calmly but can be stubborn. They make good friends and care for others.

The soldier position

This is sleeping face up, with legs separated at hip width and arms stretched along the sides of the body. Only around 8% of the population sleep like this. Their personalities are reserved, quiet and private. They don’t like to lead normal lives – instead they have very high goals and objectives. They are especially loyal friends and are fiercely protective of their family. They deeply value the ties they have with others.


The “free falling” position

This position makes the sleeping person look like they just fell from heaven. They are face down, with their head turned towards one side. One or both hands can be underneath the pillow. Only around 7% of the people sleep like this. They are “free fallers” of the world. They are very intense and sociable but are very sensitive as well. They truly value their freedom and certainly don’t like to be told what to do. They are also not judgmental of others.

The “star” position

This is the complete opposite of the “free faller”. The person is face up, with their arms partially or completely around the pillow, legs semi-bent or straight. This is the favoured position of  a mere 5% of the population. The personality of the “stars” is that they are good listeners and therefore very good friends. They always help others. They love to be the centre of attention – in work and when socialising with friends and family.

Health issues

The three side positions (fetal, trunk, and melancholy) are the healthiest of the six. Doctors think that sleeping on your side stops you from putting pressure on your heart and other vital organs. Some books also recommend changing your position halfway through the night but it’s hard to do this when you’re asleep!

The two face up positions (star and soldier) can cause you to snore and irritates other respiratory problems like sleep apnea. They can also make acid reflux worse. The face “down” position is thought to be good for digestion but it may press organs against the mattress.