The Benefits of Going Barefoot

The Benefits of Going Barefoot

Last update: 21 May, 2015

It may have never occurred to you before, but there’s something very special happening when you take your shoes off and put your bare feet on the grass. One form of what is called “earthing”, going barefoot has become popular as a method for improving your health in some amazing ways – and, yes, that includes improving the situation if you’re suffering from a specific disease or condition. Find out how by reading on.

What you need to know

Walking barefoot is only beneficial if you are in direct contact with the earth. Yes, that’s why it’s called “earthing”. That means you can go right ahead and pop your tootsies on soil, grass, sand or any other natural surface that isn’t concrete or something like that. When you earth yourself, you are raising the number of electrons available to help you with your health issues and wellbeing. Studies show that this can increase the number of antioxidants in the body, reduce inflammation and improve sleep!

Benefits of walking barefoot

Better balance

Going barefoot can improve the way you make contact with the ground even when you put your shoes back on. You will feel each and every toe working harder to keep you from falling over when you take off your shoes and socks and start experimenting.

This not only helps with things like arthritis, which may be aggravated by impact sports or even walking, but with your general muscle tone because the body adjusts how it distributes weight. The smaller muscles and core muscles are more likely to get a workout when there aren’t any shoes getting in the way.

Feeling more grounded

The great thing about grounding is the way stress melts away and you feel good as a result. This effect isn’t in your mind. Studies show that stress is associated with acidity and positive ions. When you ground, these ions flow down into the earth, alkalising your body and filling you will negative ions, which are associated with wellbeing and relaxation. You may also feel a connection with the planet and nature as an added benefit. You are literally connecting with the ground electrically, so that would make sense.

Stronger feet

When your toes are able to freely move on their own, this stimulates more muscle contractions in the calves and legs. The nerve stimulation caused by changes in the angle at which your foot hits the ground on uneven ground makes your body stronger, too. The more you use your nerve, the faster they react. That’s how top sports people become great at the sports they practise.

Healthier feet

When you go barefoot on a regular basis, you will notice corns and other foot issues caused by shoes disappearing. This means you’ll avoid getting painful foot conditions, though your feet will need some time to adapt. You might find you graze your feet more to begin with until you get used to it.


More energy, less stress

People who practice barefoot running and go without shoes more often than not have noticed that their stress levels have gone down and they have more energy. Who knows, this could also happen to you!

Studies involving earthing during the night (using earthing technology, which we’ll talk about below) showed that there was an increase in the amount of thyroid hormones produced when the subjects were earthed. That means more energy if you have hypothyroidism, and less medication when recommended by your doctor.

Postural changes

Have you noticed how differently you walk when you haven’t got shoes on? More carefully, with a straighter back, perhaps. Well, it’s scientifically backed up. As your core muscles engage, you will naturally look like your waist is smaller, and you may appear more confident and relaxed. This is your natural state. It’s make you feel great.

Blood circulation

Studies show that the thickness of the blood changes when we earth. Thermography case studies prove the changes, which means that anyone with heart problems can benefit.


In recent studies, individuals showed 30-50% improvements in back pain when they earthed on a regular basis. Foot, ankle and knee pain also improved.


If you can’t find anywhere that’s safe to go barefoot, you don’t need to miss out on an earthing experience. Not only are there “barefoot shoes”, which protect your feet from glass and stones if you live in the city, but also earthing equipment, which allow you to place your foot or hand on an earthing pad on the floor, or an earthing mouse pad on your table. You can even buy earthing sheets, so you can be earthing all night.