Are There Any Benefits to Wearing a Bra?

Are There Any Benefits to Wearing a Bra?

Last update: 20 April, 2015

A study carried out in France has arrived at the firm conclusion that this commonly worn piece of clothing, considered the most important and integral part of every woman’s intimate wardrobe, doesn’t offer any benefits at all.

Jean-Denis Rouillon, a professor at the University of Franche-Comte in France, confirmed the results of this study. He stated that bras don’t provide any benefits at all. On the contrary, wearing them for the long-term may cause damages to the wearer’s breasts.

All these conclusions were drawn based on studies carried out over 15 years. During this time, the team at the University of Besancon carried out this research by diligently observing and testing several changes that occurred in the breasts of 35 women subjects who had volunteered for the study. These volunteers were in the age bracket of 18 to 35 years old.

During the initial few phases of the study, an observation was made by the medical team that women who didn’t wear any bras had firmer breasts and less stretch marks compared to the ones who wore them on a daily basis.

The tools used by scientists for the study were simple: only a slide rule and calibre were used to take the measurements. A calibre is a device that measures the correct distance between the two opposite ends of an object. And a slide rule is a handheld instrument that performs rapid calculations. It is often used as an effective alternative to a pocket calculator.

Of the conclusions made by this qualified group of scientists, the most important was that bras don’t stop the breasts from sagging over the years. What’s more, they actually accelerate this process. Professor Jean-Denis Rouillon confirmed that it isn’t beneficial for women to deprive their breasts of the effects caused by gravitational pull. From anatomical, physiological and medical perspectives this pull is benefitical. He states that bras actually make the breasts naturally turn saggy.

Breast examination

The professor supports the hypothesis that it is the muscles responsible for holding the breasts up keep them firmly in place. When women wear bras on a daily basis, they actually prevent these muscles from doing their job, making them lose their natural ability over a period of time, causing the breasts to lose their firmness. He also stated that women who never wear a bra actually have more perky nipples in comparison to the ones who wear them regularly.

Regardless of this, if you’re someone who has been wearing a bra for a long time now, it may not be right for you to stop wearing it now suddenly. Doing so now may not provide you any benefits at all!

The professor emphatically pointed out that their study was carried out over several years and involved the participation of hundreds of women. Although the chosen sample wasn’t representative of the entire world’s female population, the study did confirm that if you’re young and you stop wearing a bra today, it’ll not have any detrimental effect on your body with respect to the orientation of your breasts. Instead, you may witness a notable improvement in their orientation.

A 28 years old woman who was one of the many participants of the study confirmed that she had stopped wearing a bra a couple of years ago and feels much better now. She breathes more freely, has less back pain and enjoys a great sense of freedom.

Some of the previous studies that were carried out in this regard, like one study performed at the University of Portsmouth here in the UK, revealed that several women also end up hurting their breasts by wearing incorrect bra sizes. Get fitted if you have been wearing a bra for some time, or simply go bra-free!