The Best Fat-Burning Exercises

The Best Fat-Burning Exercises

Last update: 25 March, 2022

We all have days when there just seems to be no time to go to the gym. You think to yourself – what simple, close to home exercise can I do that will cut through my fat most efficiently? Wonder no more, we have the best types of exercise below for burning through that fat.

Types of Exercises

Inline skating

Inline skating burns 425 calories in 30 minutes. Yes, I know. It’s the first on the list when it comes to burning fat and calories. It tones your thighs and behind, and your core gets involved in the movements your body makes to keep you upright and on your feet. It is kinder to your joints than running, especially your knees. Don’t forget to wear some protective wrist pads, elbow pads, etc.

To increase the intensity, skate fast for one minute, then slow down, then speed up once again for the super burn.


Runners have sleek, lean bodies. Why? Because running burns 374 calories in 30 minutes. It’ll work out your legs, butt and core, which are the biggest calorie and fat burning muscles in that body of yours. Keep your arms close to your body, run upright and refrain from lifting your feet too high for the best results.

To boost that burn, alternate fast and slow intervals or run up hills!



Skipping with a rope can burn around 340 calories in 30 minutes. Yes, you’ll look like you’re training for a boxing match, but it is such great exercise that you’re also sure to be pleased with the results.

To get the most out of your skipping workout, use a rope that has handles which reaches just below your underarms when you stand on the middle of the rope, and jump with your feet slightly apart. Your trunk should be upright, and your feet should stay close to the ground. You don’t actually need a rope to skip!

Going slow then fast and then slow again is the best way to turn up the intensity when skipping. You can also jog along and skip at the same time.

Hula hooping

Did you realise that hula hooping is great exercise? You can burn 300 calories in 30 minutes while doing circles with your hips. Apparently, Beyonce and Marisa Tomei like to hula hoop to keep their bodies in shape.

You’ll need an adult-sized hoop to get started. They are easier to spin than children’s. It should reach your chest when you stand it in front of you. Stand with one foot in front of the other and move your hips back and forth to get the hoop spinning. It may take a little time to get the perfect spin, but you’ll quickly learn while burning a shocking amount of calories.

For a more intense workout with your hoop, try watching videos online for some great, new ideas.


While playing tennis you can burn 272 calories in 30 minutes. You don’t even need a court or a partner, just a wall and a racket. Get into it with some backhands and forehand shots. You’ll need to be around 4 metres away from the wall, or a little more, if you hit harder. Practice your serve, and run around when you miss the ball, it’s all great exercise!


Dancing is the most fun type of exercise in this list, and you’ll be burning 221 calories every 30 minutes spent dancing. Boosting your metabolism by dancing to the songs you like, though the tempo should be quite fast, of course. When you’re ready to cool down, dance to slower tunes. Simple.

To make the workout harder, use your arms more. Move them to the beat.

Warm Up

Warming up is so important to prevent injury. An injury will set you back in your progress, so do warm up exercises before you get started. They will gradually increase your heart rate, increase the circulation to your muscles, tendons and ligaments and mentally prepare you for your workout.

Gently stretch out the major muscles, and begin by circling and gently moving the major joints.

Cooling down is also key to maintain the elasticity of your muscles, tendons and ligaments and relaxing the body after exercise. Don’t forget to do both before any physical activity.

Burning Fat


A healthy diet is essential in the fight against excess weight. Make sure you eat plenty of fruit and vegetables with every meal, or as a snack. Choose healthy fats over bad fats, and whole grains over processed foods. Hydrate yourself before, during and after exercise. Don’t wait until you’re thirsty before you get the liquids in.