The Best Natural Aphrodisiacs

The Best Natural Aphrodisiacs

Last update: 26 May, 2015

Aphrodisiacs are foods and substances that increase sexual desire. There are many interesting foods and scents which act as aphrodisiacs. They can be useful for couples, since they may re-kindle the flames of desire. This article will examine different aphrodisiacs from around the world and explore which are the most effective.

The word aphrodisiac comes from the name Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love. Greek mythology tells us that Aphrodite made the sea rise when Cronos killed his father and threw his genitals into the ocean. In theory, the word aphrodisiac is used to describe any item or element that increases feelings of sexual attraction or appetite. These elements can work in different ways. For example, by stimulating the senses through our vision or through scent, while others work through food and drink.

Traditional medicine


India is home to many aphrodisiacs, many of which are mentioned in the famous book of love, “Kama Sutra”. This special book describes many different ways that men can increase their potency and attractiveness to women, such as by eating foods like honey and milk, which are both considered powerful foods related to the sex organs.

Traditional Chinese medicine uses various herbs as aphrodisiacs, including ginseng, which Chinese medical practitioners believe increases sexual prowess and potency. In Arabic medicine, experts recommend using certain perfumes and cosmetics to increase the libido. Throughout history, the Anglo-Saxons have long used plants such as carrots and asparagus to improve sexual satisfaction.

Spanish fly


Although these foods, herbs and scents have been used through history as aphrodisiacs, modern science only attributes a few substances with these sexual powers. Spanish fly is known to contain powerful stimulants that work as aphrodisiacs. This alkaloid has a strong vesicant power, which dilates blood vessels and causes men to experience a prolonged erection. This is a powerful natural drug which should only be used in highly controlled amounts. In the seventeenth century, Spanish fly was responsible for many fatal poisonings which led to it being disused. Nowadays, it is not recommended to consume Spanish fly due to its strong toxic properties.

There are many reasons for poor performance in the bedroom and lack of libido, Some reasons include tiredness, stress, physical problems, emotional issues and relationship troubles. Natural aphrodisiacs can work to increase desire and boost performance, overcoming some of the everyday problems people can experience in the bedroom. Some of the best aphrodisiacs that are available for everyone include:

Gingko biloba

This is a powerful aphrodisiac which keeps the male sex organs in excellent condition and increases libido.


Onions are used a lot in Arabic cooking and work as a light aphrodisiac. Just make sure you mix them with other foods and do not eat too much, as the pungent aroma may be off-putting!


Royal jelly

Royal jelly stimulates the nervous system and the genitals. This results in a boost to the libido that can last a long time.

Brown sugar

The sugar in desserts can help to increase the sexual appetite by increasing glucose in the blood. This is perhaps why it is customary to serve dessert after a romantic meal. A lack of sugar conversely increases adrenaline, which can block the hormones that control the libido.


Drinking celery in soup is especially effective when combined with beetroot. Avoid mixing celery with lettuce because this cancels out its benefits.

Hazelnuts and walnuts

Dried fruits and nuts all have aphrodisiac properties. Hazelnuts are traditionally eaten at wedding banquets and even placed by the side of the newlyweds’ bed in some cultures.


This spice has a strong flavour and aroma which, if used in a drink, provides stimulation to the sexual appetite.


Raspberry is used as a muscle relaxant for the genitals.

Figs and dates

Egyptians and Greeks used to consider the fig tree sacred and figs have been used for centuries as aphrodisiacs. Dates are also highly effective.



Another effective nut that even today is eaten at wedding ceremonies in a lot of cultures. Walnuts also feature in many Chinese desserts.

Pepper and tomatoes

Include pepper and tomato in your dinner for a fail-safe sexual stimulant.

Rosemary and parsley

These herbs are excellent aphrodisiacs. Use them in your cooking on that special romantic night.



Avocado is a famous Mexican aphrodisiac. This smooth, tasty fruit is ideal for dessert when sweetened, or you can serve it with a salad.


Chocolate is one of the most delicious aphrodisiacs. Chocolate is packed with chemicals which stimulate the nervous system and produce endorphins which act as ‘happiness hormones’.