Bone Health Harming Foods

Bone Health Harming Foods

Last update: 06 August, 2015

It’s common knowledge that maintaining a properly balanced diet is absolutely essential for keeping our bodies healthy; our organs depend on it! Failing to maintain a proper diet and eat properly can lead to a lack of energy, becoming malnourished and even very serious illnesses.

Because of this, it’s absolutely essential that you know not only how to recognise foods that are harmful to your health, but also how to avoid them. Here, we’ll be talking about foods that are particularly harmful to your bone health.

Fizzy drinks/Carbonated beverages

Carbonated beverages, or “fizzy drinks” contain high levels of phosphoric acid. This acid prevents your body properly absorbing the calcium it requires. Because of this, we think it’s best you try and drink as few carbonated drinks as possible.




Although it’s common knowledge that coffee has numerous health benefits, it’s important to remember that most things are good in moderation. We get you probably love to drink coffee, but you should try to avoid drinking more than three cups per day if possible. This is because coffee contains substances called xanthines, which promote calcium loss through the urinary tract, which unfortunately causes damage to your bone health.


Consuming excess sodium contributes to a continuous loss of calcium within the body, so when consumed a lot, salt can cause a lot of harm and damage to your bones.



We’re not talking about the beneficial glass or two of red wine of an evening, which has no effect on your health at all at this amount, but true alcohol abuse. Alcohol abuse is massively harmful to bone health for a number of reasons, not only is it effectively a poison, but it also increases the excretion of calcium through your urine, massively affecting your bone health.


Although meat is an essential element of your diet, it’s all about maintaining a proper balance. When consuming a high amount of meat, you could be putting a lot of protein containing sulphuric amino acids within into your body. This has the potential to increase the calcium being eliminated from your body through urine. When you’re eating protein from vegetables, this effect can be lessened, however it’s still important to try and control your consumption of meat and ensure your diet is properly balanced.

Hydrogenated 0ils

We recommend consuming baked goods as little as possible, and we’ll tell you why: Oils naturally contain a high count of vitamin K, which you may know is a vital element of maintaining good bone health. However, when they’re processed into hydrogenated oils, this vitamin is completely lost to them. Once they’ve lost that vitally good property, oils are then dangerous for your bone health. As these oils are predominantly used within deserts, we recommend not consuming too many baked goods.