How to Say Bye-Bye to 500 Calories per Day

How to Say Bye-Bye to 500 Calories per Day

Last update: 15 May, 2015

If you are struggling to control your weight or are looking to reduce the calories you consume then changing your habits can help. Our following article will give you 21 ways to lose up to 500 calories a day. Though it might not be easy, it’s definitely worth a go.

21 ways to lose 500 calories per day

Be active

Instead of spending all day sitting in front of the computer or television, move around more. For example, if you’re talking on the phone, try walking around the room. When in the office, try to move your legs as much as possible: go for a walk on your break or take a brisk jog.

Avoid eating nuts

Researchers suggest that the bigger the portion, the more you are likely to eat, so avoid consuming nuts in a large bowl. Though nuts are good for your hearts health, they contain many calories (around 175 calories per handful). If you want to eat nuts, opt for pistachios as they only contain 80 calories per handful.


Avoid eating in front of the TV

A study showed that eating in front of the TV can make you consume 300 calories more than normal. This is because you’re not paying attention to what you are consuming. Try sitting at a table instead with the television turned off.

If you’re going to consume a salad, avoid adding full fat mayonnaise or dressing and choose lean slices of meat as well as vegetables.

Use smaller plates

Using a smaller plate ensures that you will put less food on it. If you normally eat everything that you put on your plate then this is a good way to eat less.

less calories

Choose espresso

Many coffee shops sell oversized coffees. A cup of coffee with cream can contain around 670 calories. Choose a shot of espresso instead: it only has around 30 calories.

Don’t forget your snacks

Calories in snacks can soon add up. Instead of eating a bowl of crisps or a packet of biscuits, try to limit yourself to a small portion. Eating treats in moderation will help you to manage your weight.

Keep serving away from the table

Many families choose to sit in front of the table in which pasta, meat or platters are served. Serving food away from the table stops you from overeating and reduces the amount of calories you consume.


Avoid cocktails

One cocktail alone can contain around 800 calories. Choose natural juices. Juices with citrus are best.

Consume less pasta

One plate of pasta has 220 calories. However, if we add sauces, this can increase fivefold. Choose whole wheat noodles and low fat/calorie sauces as an alternative.

Feed less people

You are more likely to eat larger portions if you eat with more than seven people. This is because you are more likely to make/serve more food if you entertain more guests.

Avoid clearing your plate

Leaving your plate 25% full can help with weight loss, according to an expert. You could use your leftovers for lunch the next day.

Order from the small menu

Many restaurants, such as fast food offer the option to supersize your meal. Choosing the smaller option will ensure you consumer lower calories. In a fine dining restaurant, share your food with friends to make your plate smaller.

Skip smoothies

Smoothies are delicious and good for your health but they can contain many calories. A smoothie with milk, sugar and banana can contain 800 calories. Instead, opt for a fruit juice.


Don’t forget about hidden oils

Prepare meals with water or broth instead of oil. Every tablespoon of oil contains 124 calories.

Get enough sleep

According to a recent study, those that sleep less than 7 hours per day tend to eat more. You can save 100 calories by getting more sleep or by taking a nap instead of snacking. If you feel hungry, try a glass of water as you may be thirsty.

Be a host

Hosting a dinner/event can help you to burn calories. Going to the supermarket, cleaning, cooking and preparation can help you to lose pounds.

Avoid consuming soft drinks

A glass of fizzy pop has almost 200 calories. Try drinking a glass of water instead to quench your thirst.

Keep full for less

You can trick your stomach by eating less. For lunch, eating a low calorie soup can fill you up and stop you from snacking.

Listen to your stomach

Your stomach will let you know when you are full. When you start to feel full, stop eating. This will help you to consume fewer calories.

Choose drinks containing no sugar

Adding a few tablespoons of sugar to your hot drinks can add many calories and weight gain. Choose alternative sweeteners, such as stevia to cut your calorie intake.


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