Clean up Your Body With These Diuretic Foods

Clean up Your Body With These Diuretic Foods

Last update: 08 November, 2022

You can consume several types of healthy food to help rid of excessive liquids. Diuretic foods are quite useful for people wanting to lose weight. In many cases the extra body weight is simply excessive liquid accumulation, giving you a bloated appearance.

It’s important to keep yourself properly hydrated by drinking lots of liquids when you’re on a diet rich in diuretic foods. The list below includes some important diuretic foods that can help prevent fluid retention in your body and drop those extra pounds.


Due to its high water content, this delicious fruit can stimulate the process of liquid elimination. It also contains several important nutrients necessary for keeping the body properly hydrated.

Green tea

Although lower than coffee, the caffeine content in green tea proves highly effective in helping the body get rid of accumulated liquids.

Apple cider vinegar

ACV, or apple cider vinegar, aids in the correction of low potassium levels in the body. Potassium levels are depleted when you are on a very strict diuretic regime.


Tomatoes consist of several compounds, including vitamin C, all of which are highly beneficial to the human body. Eating tomatoes on a regular basis can improve kidney function and enable the body to get rid of toxins and fluids at an efficient rate.


Parsely is often used as a garnish. However, hardly anyone knows that this herb is an excellent diuretic, especially in people who suffer from fluid retentionThe easiest way of consuming parsley is by making an infusion and on an empty stomach. It is also beneficial when consumed mid-morning.


The diuretic properties of artichoke have been well-known for many centuries. Today, it’s recognised for improving kidney function and the large amount of nutrients it contains. All in all, it is highly useful for keeping your body healthy.


Asparagus consists of many compounds that help the kidneys function at their best. It’s great for liquid elimination.


Cranberries are helpful because they prevent urinary tract infections. They help us eliminate toxins and go to the toilet more often, and prevent the growth or multiplication of microorganisms within the urinary system. Cranberries are also high in antioxidants, so they provide that extra nutritional boost.


Oats are frequently used for their ability to reduce and control bad cholesterol. They are also brilliant for oedema. This is because oats contain a compound called silicon dioxide.

Diuretic foods

There are many foods that can help you get rid of excessive liquids from your body. It’s up to you which foods you choose. Pick the ones you like the most! You can even combine them and alternate between them. The most important thing is to consume them regularly. They allow you to maintain your ideal body weight as well as health, so you don’t have to do extreme diet routines that can severely impact your health.