Colon Cleansing Medicinal Herbs

Colon Cleansing Medicinal Herbs

Last update: 09 August, 2015

Can you honestly say that cleansing your colon is something you do regularly? Making sure your colon is clean is generally regarded as an essential thing to do to keep your body healthy, because it helps detoxify your insides and make you feel better. Today, we’ll be talking about some colon cleansing medicinal herbs.

Why is colon cleansing important?


It’s possible that you may have eaten poorly without knowing and ended up feeling constipated and unwell as a result. Your colon can be affected by a number of things, such as your body not getting enough nutrients and fibre, and various other digestive problems.

One thing many people don’t really know is what their colon actually does. It extracts salt and unnecessary residue, helping your body to maintain a metabolic balance, as well as extracting vitamin K and various other vitamins. It’s a massively important part of your body, as it helps to both reinforce and improve your overall health. If your colon accumulates too much waste, it’s liable to collapse and you’ll notice the impact of this immediately; you’ll feel exhausted, experience general poor health and intestinal inflammation. 

Great colon cleansing medicinal plants

You may be wondering how medicinal plants can help you balance your colon? There’s a simple answer to that, these plants contain lots of properties that can help to cleanse, ease and inflammation and generally help care for your colon and intestines. If you can, try to drink a cup of this herbal tea each day to get the very best results. These teas are a fantastic way to complement a healthy diet and lifestyle. Here are some of the most helpful plants for colon cleansing:

1. Anise


Anise is a great option for helping to ease inflammation and help regulate both intestinal and digestive functions. It’s also a protector of both your intestine and colon. We recommend drinking an anise herbal tea after you’ve eaten a main meal to help promote good digestion and help your body absorb all the vital nutrients from your food. As we’ve mentioned, it helps to ease any inflammation you might experience, and helps to keep your colon healthy! To make it, all you need to do is add a spoonful of anise to a cup of hot water, boil and set it, then drink. We think you’ll love it!

2. Digestive mint


Mint truly is a plant of many helpful ways, and most of these relate to the digestive system! Mint is an incredibly relaxing drinks, and also helps to care for your intestines, while helping your body absorb the nutrients it needs. To get the benefit of mint, just drink a herbal tea made up with mint oil – mint oil can be found in various health food stores – to reap all of these benefits. It’s simple, and is a brilliant treatment to help with any colon issues.

3. Chamomile


Chamomile tea has an uncanny ability to make everyone feel good after they’ve drunk some! It’s an amazingly healthy drink, and can help your body feel and look good, inside and out. This herbal infusion is great to ease inflammation, heal and ills, and revitalise your mind and body. Drinking just one cup a day can help to detoxify your intestines and colon each and every day with almost no effort from yourself. You can start your day off with a cup of chamomile tea and spend the day feeling great!

4. Fennel Tea


If you think herbal teas taste strange and a little bit unpleasant, you’re wrong! Fennel seed herbal tea tastes great! It’s one of the healthiest drinks you can have, and your body is capable of digesting it easily. This infusion has a light liqorice flavour that you’ll enjoy drinking, all the while helping your body to feel amazing. This tea is anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory, and helps to protect your digestive system. Drinking fennel seed tea when you’re feeling overly full, bloated, unwell or a little tired is the perfect solution! Drinking fennel tea after each of your meals will help you feel good, and be incredibly beneficial to your body.

5. Thyme herbal tea


You can find thyme in any natural health food shop, and probably in your local supermarket, too! It’s a medicinal herb often used, that comes from the Mediterranean! It’s great for helping to cleanse your colon. Thyme is both anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, which means it’s fantastic for helping to relieve muscle spasms and discomfort and aiding digestion. Thyme also acts as a great colon cleanser, as it is very good at getting rid of any putrefaction within the intestines. All you need to do is boil up a spoonful of thyme in a single cup of water, allowing it to sit for ten minutes before drinking.

6. Dandelion


As it is easy for your body to digest and promotes relaxation with its anti-inflammatory properties, dandelion is a recommended herb for many diseases. We recommend always keeping a couple of dandelion flowers about to drink after you have a meal, and this includes breakfast! If you do this regularly, you’ll notice that your body is extra balanced and you’re in generally good health! You’ll feel a lot better, just from drinking a cup or two of a dandelion infusion each day.

Drinking herbal teas and infusions is a great way to promote good health within your body. Why not give one of our suggested infusions a try, and start today?