Create a Healthy Bedroom

Create a Healthy Bedroom

Last update: 25 March, 2022

You know that a good night’s kip is important, but it’s easier said than done. Try not to let the day’s stress and worry interfere with a healthy bedroom. It should be your sanctuary – a place to find balance and restore calm. And, yet, it’s difficult to clear the mental debris at the end of the day. These strains take a toll on your sleep cycle.

In the interest of snoozing soundly, we’re going to help you create a healthy atmosphere in your bedroom. Read further for ideas about how a well-ventilated room with clean air can do remarkable things to promote rest, relaxation and better relationships.

Let’s clear the air

Plants provide more than just pretty decoration. They’re a natural and economical way to filter the air in your home – and that’s an especially useful function in the room where you sleep. Choose wisely, though. Some plants leach oxygen from the atmosphere. The intriguingly named snake plant (sansevieria) is a plant that we’d highly recommend, as it’s a plant that efficiently turns carbon dioxide to oxygen during the night. Start by placing two tall plants in your bedroom. Not only will they get to work quickly in purifying the air, but they’ll lend a bit of colour that will relax you and lift your mood.

Sansevieria plant

Whether you sleep alone or with a partner, a healthy bedroom is key to your wellbeing. It should be a place where you feel at your most tranquil. Lie on your bed and look around. Do you feel serene or is it the polar opposite? If this sacred space has become a repository for lost objects and broken knick-knacks, consider clearing the clutter. You’d be amazed at the difference a bit of tidying can make. If you’re surrounded by chaos, how can you be expected to rest peacefully? A healthy bedroom is one that is aesthetically pleasing. Furnish it neatly, with necessary objects that appeal to you. Organisation works wonders on your psyche.

Mood lighting

Natural light flooding in every morning to gently ease you from your dreams: it’s what we all desire. Sadly, this isn’t always possible. Some bedrooms have windows that are too small or have a poor outlook. If yours is one of them, rely on the right lamp to warm things up a bit. Explore Himalayan salt lamps, for instance. These emit a lovely and relaxing orange glow that emulates the sun. They also help to neutralise electromagnetic radiation, which has been shown to interfere with sleep patterns.

Ventilation now

Proper (and daily) ventilation of your bedroom is paramount to good health. Not only will it prevent mites, but it also makes a room fresher and more inviting. Expose your boudoir to direct sunlight, if you can – especially if you suspect mites. They love hot and humid places such as your bed linens, throws, duvets, curtains, mattresses and carpets…so, all of your favourite spots! You can see why you’ll have to send those mites packing.

When the temperature is mild, why not leave your window open at night? If you feel secure enough and you don’t live above a pub or in a brightly-lit neighbourhood, give it a try. You can even lower the blinds or close the curtains to create a sense of security.

Open window

How does your bedroom smell?

As the most intimate room of the house, the bedroom can play host to a number of unsavoury scents. Stay on top of the cleaning, though, and there’s no reason that it should give off any particular odour. Moisture may produce mould, but you can usually find a way to control the damp and keep the crawling black at bay. If you don’t have any specific smells in your room, maybe it’s time to experiment with aromatherapy. Try burning a bit of incense or Papier d’Armenie (a wonderful, French product that imparts a soothing aroma) before you go to sleep. Avoid chemical air fresheners, but do make use of essential oil diffusors. Here are some ideas to stimulate your creativity:

  • Lemon is uplifting, cleansing and excellent for disinfecting.
  • Mint promotes clear thinking and rejuvenation.
  • Ginger warms and calms.
  • Cinnamon stimulates the senses.
  • Lavender is unbeatable for relaxation and the promotion of sound sleep.
  • Rose creates a peaceful and romantic feeling.
  • Eucalyptus cleanses the environment and improves breathing.
  • Citrus of all kinds (lemon, orange, mandarin and lime) can improve your mood and fight depression.

Mind the mirrors

The philosophy of feng shui advises not to have mirrors in your bedroom. Seem odd? The rationale is that they can contort the energies that promote peaceful sleep. If you have a mirror in your bedroom, test the theory. Cover it for a few nights and see if this significantly improves your ability to get good shut-eye. Even if this experiment proves a success, think about putting your mirrors in more beneficial areas. You can learn more about this from Chi Energy.

Go north!

The orientation of your bed can also have an effect upon how many zeds you manage. It may sound a bit unscientific, but the best way to prove it to yourself is to try it. Turn your bed so that it’s facing north. If that’s not possible, get as close as you can. Keep it this way for a week or two and see if it makes a difference. Ideally, you’ll want to avoid having your bed facing south. In terms of getting ample kip, this is your worst option.