How to Cure “Fatty Liver”

How to Cure “Fatty Liver”

Last update: 22 July, 2015

Fatty liver isn’t a disease as such: it involves the accumulation of fat within the liver cells in the body. This makes it expand and feel heavier!

When you have a fatty liver, there is too much fat to deal with in your liver, and though this situation and its causes aren’t well known right now, this can be linked to obesity, diabetes and it increases the risk of suffering from these conditions. Since the liver is the only organ that’s responsible for metabolising fat, this causes a big problem for it! The liver is also responsible for a host of different functions, which is bad news for your whole body. Don’t panic, though, as we have some great advice here to give you.


Characteristics of fatty liver

Most people don’t even realised they have a fatty liver until it becomes severe, when there is a complete saturation of fat cells within the liver, making it feel heavy, causing nausea and vomiting and tiredness. It can also cause pain or discomfort.

Other signs include a jaundiced appearance, where the whites of the eyes, the nails and the skin all turn yellowish-coloured. Weight loss is also included in the list of effects, as are blood clotting difficulties.

Your fatty liver could have been caused by drinking or by medications, but whatever it was caused by, here are some remedies to try and improve your health situation. Bear in mind that these are ideas and you should always follow the advice given to you by your doctor.


Natural remedies for treating fatty liver

Lose weight

Losing weight in a healthy way by exercising and eating lots of healthy foods is one way you can improve a fatty liver. Skipping meals and making yourself really hungry will aggravate a fatty liver, so make sure you eat a little and often to ensure your blood sugar and everything else are nice and regular.

Stay away from alcohol

Even alcohol in moderation can make your situation markedly worse if you don’t avoid it. If this is the cause of your issue, even more reason to abstain. If you have a problem, get yourself down to AA. They have helped a huge amount of people kick this dangerous habit.

Eat the right things

Ok, so this means the diet prescribed to you by your doctor. It should include no fatty foods, including dairy products, red meat, all processed foods and grains. Cut out the salt and sugar. Perhaps this seems like a nightmare to you, but it won’t stay like that. Buy some delicious, fresh food you like. For example, you could try carrot sticks, cucumber sticks and a low-fat homemade mayo. Mangos, pineapples, kiwis. Find some nice recipes online, so you can treat yourself.


Throw out problematic drugs

You’ll need to watch what sort of medications you take, and find replacements for any harmful ones.

So what’s the deal? Well, high cholesterol, blood sugar readings and obesity are all associated with having a fatty liver, so you may be on medications to keep these in check. However, natural remedies are the best way to go.


Milk thistle

This herbs is great for healing damaged liver cells. It protects it from harmful, toxic substances, too, so it’ll help while you’re getting your diet sorted.

Golden seal

Golden seal is a pretty name for a very effective natural herb. This, dandelion and barberry can all improve your liver by cleansing it and purifying it. Investigate for yourself, but not if you’re pregnant, as they can trigger miscarriages.

Green tea

Things that are green will really help your body heal your liver, and green tea is no exception. Not because it’s green, though, but because it’s a natural antioxidant.

Soy and soya!

Ok, yes, those are two words which describe the same food, but this food is brilliant for peeps with a fatty liver. Eat it to your heart’s content. It will fill you up, contains some great protein and makes a nice alternative to meat while you’re abstaining.


GMO foods destroy probiotic bacteria, which makes digestion more difficult and makes the liver work harder. Make a firm commitment to avoiding these foods, and you’ll be doing your liver and your planet some real good.