Discover the Benefits of Drinking Red Wine

Discover the Benefits of Drinking Red Wine

Last update: 11 June, 2015

Do we really need an excuse for drinking a glass or two of red wine? Well, if you can be sure that the odd tipple is actually doing you good then it has to be a win-win situation! Wine has been enjoyed in societies ever since the Roman times and scientists are becoming increasingly convinced that small quantities of red wine can be very beneficial for most people. This is what we all want to hear! Find out more about the links between red wine and good health here.

It is common to read about how doctors are now recommending that their patients drink at least one glass of wine per day after or with meals. However, there is no question that excessive alcohol consumption and the practice of so-called ‘binge drinking’ is very bad for our physical and psychological health as well as for our work performance and relationships.

Wine is traditionally drunk with food and compliments a fine meal. It can act as an appetite stimulant if you have a small glass just before a meal. A glass of wine can be a great alternative to a sugar-laden, carbonated drink.

What health-giving properties does wine have?

Numerous studies have demonstrated the therapeutic properties of wine and positive results regarding its benefits for the body. Some studies have shown that it can help prevent serious conditions such as cardiovascular and some types of cancer. This may be because red wine contains trans-reservatrol, which may play a role in preventing tumours.

Wine also contains tannins and flavonoids which are both powerful antioxidants. They can mop up the free radicals that are found in many modern foods and this helps to prevent the genetic mutation that is at the root of many cancers. They may also play a large role in eliminating cholesterol from the body thereby keeping our arteries open. This cuts down the risks of heart attacks, strokes and embolisms which are all life-threatening conditions.


Other diseases we can prevent by drinking wine

It is becoming apparent that ancient civilisations drank wine for good reasons!

Drinking a glass of wine every now and then may slow down the process of cell aging, which can in turn prevent diseases like Alzheimer’s which tend to be associated with an older age.

Another benefit of consuming red wine is that it may prevent the age-related deterioration in bone strength that is especially common in woman after the menopause. Hormonal changes in women over the age of around 50 years make them more likely to suffer from decalcification of the bones. As a result of this they suffer from osteoporosis and the classic ‘brittle bones’ problems. When they suffer slips, trips and falls they are more likely to fracture a bone and the broken bones will take longer to heal. A regular glass of red wine may help to slow down the decalcification process.

Red wine may also promotes a healthy digestion process. A glass after a large meal encourages the production of gastric juices and makes sure that the food is digested properly. It also encourages the elimination of uric acid from the blood.

Red wine has often been blamed for staining teeth and this can be one of the draw backs of drinking it. However, on the plus side, it prevents the growth of streptococcus bacteria in the mouth, which plays a role in the formation of cavities, gingivits and inflammation in the throat. Red wine, therefore, may actually be beneficial for dental health.

Studies have also demonstrated that it improves cognitive function and mental agility, preventing dementia. It is also helpful for people who want to lose weight. The reservatrol in the grapes that wine is made from counter the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle.

So, all in all, drinking a glass of a good red wine every day is a healthy and tasty way to prevent a lot of the diseases that might affect our bodies. Cheers!