When Your Dreams Reflect Your Health

When Your Dreams Reflect Your Health

Last update: 31 May, 2015

What is the connection between health and what we experience while we are asleep? Does it really tell us anything definitive about how healthy we are? Dreams have been interpreted from the beginning of time, and yes, they can certainly tell us a lot!

What are emotional dreams?


Emotional dreams involve feeling a specific emotion during your dream. Simple as that. Emotional dreams are the easiest types of dreams to interpret. The emotions you feel when you are in the dream are often directly related to real life, though the storyline of the dream tells a different story.

Our emotions are obviously linked to our higher thinking, but they might also simply reflect back to us how we were feeling before we went to sleep. What happened that day? Can we link something that went on: a conversation, a situation at work or a memory from that day with the dream?

If you are experiencing a lot of emotional dreams, your subconscious might be trying to send you a message. Is there a solution to any problems you’ve been worrying about recently?

Explanations of the most recurring dreams

1. Dreaming that someone is following you


Dreaming that someone is following you is common and may stem from anxiety. It’s natural to want to run from the things that scare you. You might get followed by an attacker, an animal or someone or something else that wants to kill you. So you run, you hide or you try to trick the entity. How you deal with this situation reflect what you are likely to do in your waking life. Perhaps you need to ask yourself who is chasing you in your life, and work out how you can easily resolve the situation.

You might even be running from a part of yourself. Your own anger, jealousy or fear can manifest as that threatening entity following you. It is possible to choose to turn around and ask them why they are chasing you. Try setting the intention before you go to sleep if the dreams are reoccurring.

If you are the one actually doing the chasing during the dream, this can express your ambition and drive to go after your dreams. It can also mean that you feel you’re dropping behind in some affair in your life. Perhaps at school, university or at work.

2. Dreaming that you’re falling


Falling dreams represent insecurities and anxiety, too. If you are feeling overwhelmed or out of control of your life, worried at work or troubled due to a relationship or other situation, you may need to work on your self-esteem and work towards feeling more secure in yourself so you can more easily deal with these sorts of situations. Perhaps you could seek the advice of trusted friend or relative, or a professional to help you.

3. Dreaming that you are trapped


If you’re trapped under a heavy object or inside a specific space it can be scary and intimidating. Perhaps you are being buried alive, or mocked from inside a cage. Perhaps it’s a maze dream. If you’re feeling lost or confused about something in your daily life, this could be the reason for the dream. Are you in the wrong job or a loveless relationship? This type of dream can also indicate a feeling of helplessness, and this could be about anything really: health, your home, or a job or other responsibility you can’t get out of.

4. Dreaming that you left the house naked or that your teeth are falling out

Naked dreams may be a message telling you that you feel vulnerable, or that you have issues when it comes to intimacy or freedom. Being naked in public in your dreams may mean you’re ashamed, or embarrassed about what you look like naked.

Losing a tooth in a dream means you’re insecure about something. Have you lost something of value to you or have you been doing through some changes in your life?

5. Dreaming about natural disasters


Dreaming a severe weather or earthquakes can be quite uncomfortable. Do you have a heavy heart, or are you going through emotional turmoil? A rain shower might mean you are releasing sadness. All the different types of weather indicate the dreamer’s mood:

  • A hurricane. Perhaps what is happening in your life is making your head spin.
  • A tornado. Winds of any kind represent change.
  • Tsunami. Is a big emotional issue coming to the forefront? Are buried memories emerging?
  • Earthquake. Are you having financial difficulties? Earthquake represent economic stability, or lack of it!
  • Flood. Rising waters indicate emotional overload. Something may need some extra attention.
  • Volcanic eruption. Perhaps someone has lost their cool. Or maybe it’s you! This can also represent sexual arousal!