Easy Everyday Beauty Tricks

Easy Everyday Beauty Tricks

Last update: 28 May, 2015

There are hundreds of beauty products out there that promise to improve our looks, turn back the clock, reduce lines, improve skin tone, strengthen your hair, etc. The list goes on. These products can cost a lot of money yet there are a number of home remedies and low cost beauty tricks that we can all take advantage of. Clever beauty secrets are available for everyone, so read on to find out how you can improve the condition of your skin and hair without expensive lotions and creams. 

1. Take a cold shower


First thing in the morning, take a cool shower to boost the metabolism and brighten the skin. The water does not need to be ice cold, lukewarm is good enough. The idea is that it makes your skin feel cold and gives you a bit of a chill. This improves circulation and tones the skin, increasing elasticity in the skin and activating the immune system. Your body will be revved up for the day. This works in contrast with a long hot bath in the evening to wind down. In the morning you can energise yourself with cold water.

2. Remove dark circles


Sometimes dark circles appear beneath the eyes in the morning. Some people experience this regularly and it can be depressing to look in the mirror to see ourselves looking so tired. Dark circles can be genetic and they can also be caused by fluid accumulation, tiredness or poor circulation. There is no need to pile on the foundation and covering makeup because there is a simple beauty trick that can help reduce or even remove dark circles form the skin.

Simply place two spoons in the fridge for ten minutes and while you wait for them to cool down, place two slices of cucumber over your eyes to revitalise the skin and improve tone. Once the spoons are cold, place them over your eyes for 10 seconds. Remove the spoons and rest for 10 seconds, then replace the spoons. Do this 5 times to reduce all the inflammation around your eyes and the dark circles should be gone.

3. Volumise your hair


However well you wash and style your hair, sometimes it is impossible to achieve any volume. This means your hair can look lifeless, flat and dull. In order to prevent this from happening, there is an effective hair treatment that can be created at home to boost your hair’s health and vitality. Take one teaspoon of coconut oil and a helping of natural yoghurt and apply to your hair. Leave this for 15 minutes before rinsing off with warm water. Afterwards, you can apply a rinse of apple cider vinegar mixed with water in 50/50 proportions. Massage your head for 5 minutes and rinse off. If you prepare this treatment the night before, you can apply it in the morning for fast results.

4. Brighten your face

If we have not slept for long enough or have had a disturbed night we can feel tired in the morning. The tiredness shows in your skin and makes it look dull. This happens to everyone at some point and can mean the day gets off to a bad start. However, there is a beauty trick that can help you avoid this lack of lustre and help you leave the house looking radiant: chamomile. This gentle herb is ideal for removing dullness from skin and improving tone. Simply make a pot of chamomile tea and let it sit until it is cold. Once the tea is cold, use it like a toner on your face, let it sit on the face for a few minutes then rinse. This beauty trick will leave your skin soft and bright with great tone.

5. Freshen breath

During the night our mouths can get dry which can mean we wake up with a stale or bitter taste in our mouths. This is because saliva normally cleans the mouth constantly throughout the day but during the night we are sleeping and saliva is not in use. This lack of moisture can lead to bad breath first thing in the morning. If brushing alone does not help there is a simple trick that can cure bad breath: chewing on a spearmint leaf. This special leaf has natural anti-bacterial properties, which will kill any germs which have built up in your dry mouth and leave your breath fresh.