Easy Ways to Tone The Chest Muscles

Easy Ways to Tone The Chest Muscles

Last update: 22 May, 2015

Feeling a bit flabby up top? It’s easy to feel a bit deflated when you’re looking for ways to tone chest muscles. Don’t be discouraged. There are solutions. Breastfeeding, age and significant weight loss can all contribute to a loss of firmness. However, with some simple exercises, you can tone and firm this problematic area.

Before beginning any sort of exercise, you should ensure that you warm up appropriately. When you’re first embarking on a regime, perform simple exercises that don’t require too much exertion. Gradually, over time, increase both the intensity of the movements and the length of your routine.

For best results, dedicate yourself to frequent and regular exercises. Remember to do them at least three times a week – especially if your goal is to tone chest muscles.

Firm up with these exercises

Exercise no. 1

Lie down on a bench, spreading your back flat over the bench whilst your feet are placed firmly against the floor. With a dumb bell in each hand, squeeze your abdominal muscles as you hold the dumb bells in front of you at 90 degree angles. Extend your arms above you, then slowly lower them. Repeat 15 to 20 times.

Tone your chest at home

Maintaining the same position on the bench, there’s another exercise you can do. In each hand, use a dumb bell or other weight. First, raise the weights to chest height. Then, stretch your arms out slowly to your sides while trying to keep the weights at shoulder height. Slowly raise them again and repeat the procedure for 20 repetitions.

Exercise no. 2

Place the palms of your hands together but try to keep your wrists just in front of your chin. Touch your hands together without separating your fingers. Breathe slowly and deeply whilst doing so. Repeat 20 times.

Exercise no. 3

With your arms stretched out in front of you, close one hand into a fist and place the other hand on top of it. Press firmly, as if you were trying to push one hand away from you. Do 10 to 15 repetitions with each arm.

Just a reminder…

These exercises are quite simple, but they’ll be very effective – provided you commit to doing them regularly. Once you develop a routine, you’ll see results and your chest will be firmer and more toned than you’d ever imagined possible. Good luck and stay safe!